02 January 2012

Hello Ghostbusters

Happy New Year!!

Yes, 2012 has snuck in the back door without any of us really being ready for it but it's been kind so far. Well, except for when I slammed my finger in a drawer on New Year's Day. Technically it was still 2011 when I got the same finger & two others mangled in our hand mixer the day before so I guess I can't blame that on the new year. If all the fingers on my right hand survive 2012 I will consider the year a success.

This will be brief because I'm supposed to be getting dressed & ready for the day but I just wanted to check in to let you know that I still love you like crazy & wish you all the very very best in 2012. Hope you'll stick around for more of my nonsense because one of my resolutions - if I have to call them that - is to blog more regularly & make this thing into a more sensible place instead of the current ramshackle home for my ramblings. My other resolution is to drink more water & I'm doing pretty well with that so far so raise the roof, etc!

Marcel's amazing sister Ilse is here at the moment so I'm a bit distracted these days - they are running around like only Eisele's can (seriously, they have so much energy they make me feel elderly!) but when I'm not trailing after them I am thoroughly enjoying being able to clean the house & keep up on laundry because they take Ben with them pretty much everywhere they go (he may look like a Moore but he is in constant motion like an Eisele). It sounds sad but I really enjoying being a housewife when I have time to do it properly - a little cooking here & there, changing sheets, entertaining the baby.  Oh that baby. He's lucky he's so cute because he's woken up around 2.30am the past two nights & I'm terrified it's his new thing. After weeks & weeks of sleeping through the night, how dare he try this crap now! Ha ha - we know we've been EXTREMELY lucky to have had it this good this long so I'm really not complaining. But I am hoping he's just pulling himself back together after a raucous New Year's Eve out on the town. When I get my brain back in order I'll share a video from that night with the gorgeous & amazing Bobongie family who were kind enough to let us celebrate with them, crashing with a baby & a toddler. I can't actually get the video off of my camera at the moment - must not be on the SD card, so I'm trying to find the cord that goes with the camera. Blah blah boring blah. I should have made not being boring a resolution but I didn't so you're stuck with me.

Ya know, as I was drifting off to sleep last night I found myself thinking about one of my original dreams in life - to be the Ghostbusters receptionist. Not an actual Ghostbuster but their receptionist. Annie Potts rocked the hell out of that role & I wanted her quirky hair, big glasses & an even bigger accent. One day, one day ... yep, still my dream.

Okay, I'm seriously going to go get dressed so I don't get scolded. 
Enjoy your day & drink lots of water.

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