28 June 2010

At least I bought some new jeans that fit perfectly yesterday.

Every time I blog, I promise myself that I won't complain anymore. Then I realized if I didn't complain I would have no blog. Then how would you waste 60 seconds of your time? Exactly.

Things are weird around here. Not great weird, kinda rotten but we're keeping our spirits up so that's one point in our favor. The boy is still waking up 3 times a night - sometimes more if he goes to bed as early as he's supposed to. And nooooow, he's teething. I think he has two of them coming in - one on the top, one on the bottom (if we're seeing them correctly - it's like trying to investigate a wolverine's mouth at the moment). And they're really causing him pain this time, while they normally don't bring too much drama. It's very sad because he'll be playing & having a nice time, then suddenly start wailing & will run to us & put his little hand to his little mouth. My heart breaks but it's nice that he actually has a way to tell us what's wrong.

*Sidenote: he just turned the heater on because he can NOT resist that big power button, even though the sound of the heater heating up scares him everytime.

So anyhoo, the teething issues aren't helping the sleep issues. Also not helping the sleep issues is the fact that I can't let him cry in the middle of the night. I'd rather get up & spend 10 minutes rocking/feeding than wake up for an hour of pained sobbing.

As you can imagine, I am a bit of a mess. Okay, I'm always a mess but now I'm a whole new kind of mess! Ben barely napped today so I didn't have time to dry my hair, my makeup is barely there, I finally ripped off that toenail I dislodged 2 months ago & took off all my toenail polish (I ALWAYS have my toenails polished so they are discoloured underneath - yuck). I've been puffy recently so I have to cut down on sodium & pick up on my water drinking. I may never leave the house again for fear that people will chase me with torches!! Don't believe me?

True story: I went to take a picture of how pitiful I looked today (sometimes it's so bad you have to share with others) & Ben pushed in front of me to grab a cracker on the other side of the computer right as the camera snapped. I can't even share my shame without him ruining it!! Motherhood can be rather obnoxious somedays.

The little kitchen has been going well but it backfired today. I was cooking some lunch on the stove - fried rice with lots of leftover veggies if you must know - & Ben kept pushing me out of the way so he could put his wooden play food in the tiny crack above the non-toy oven then he's whine until I open the oven & get his toy food back out. I still don't know where one of the little toys went so I have a feeling the next time I cook, there will be a little fake burnt potato in it.

I tried to get a better picture but my bloody camera battery died immediately after I took this terrible one. It's that kind of day! Just discovered sweet chili sauce in my hair & realized there's a large pile of toys outside the pet door, along with my water cup & hair brush. So I need to go turn the heat off, rescue everything from the patio The Lanai, clean the whole house, convince Ben to take a nap, take a long walk, drink another 700 glasses of water, do 3 or 4 loads of laundry, finish painting my little table & then curl up in a ball & give up on life!! All I want to do is sit at the window & watch the retired people across the street clean their car ... AGAIN. That is seriously the cleanest car I've ever seen.

Okay, I'm off to go find some energy. Hope you're having a better day than mine!

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