04 August 2010

Confessions, part 18

I have a confession to make. I am an uptight traveller. You might not think that's a big deal so I'm taking a deep breath *right now* before I tell you that I have already started packing my carryon bags for a trip we're taking to America. In the middle of October. I know, I know. But to be fair, let me put it into context. Ya know how we all have a stress dream - that one scenario we always go to when we're very stressed in our lives? When I'm wound up, anxious, etc. I always dream that I'm running late on my way to the airport. Sometimes I've forgotten my luggage, sometimes I can't remember where my passport or ticket is & sometimes I find myself actually worrying that I won't have time to fill out the little luggage tags for my bags. I'm sure you realize that this girl is the kind of girl who already has her luggage tags affixed before I leave the house (with every destination typed up, printed in & in the tag holder so I just have to switch them out before each leg of our journey). I haven't yet printed out this journey's luggage tags yet but that's only because I'm not sure where we'll be staying for one leg of it.

This trip is extra stressful because I will be flying to America alone. No, not alone. With Ben. Ben & me. Alone together. On a plane. 14 hours. One seat. A toddler who likes to run, squirm, squeal, jump, scream, flirt, wiggle, make eye contact with as many strangers as possible then laugh at them & ya know, be a toddler. And with him comes diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cups, toys, books, a stroller. We have to share a bloody seat. Every couple of days, I find myself thinking "Maybe I should get to the aiport 3 hours early instead of 2 so we have a better chance of getting the bulkhead seats." Sometimes I share that thought with Marcel & he looks at me like I've lost my  mind so I'll probably just keep it to myself from now until the day before we leave.

I also find myself staying awake at night wondering if I can put the airline headphones on a 17 month old. And if you've ever travelled with a toddler or just happen to have a child of any age, I've probably already interviewed you about whether it's okay or not to sedate a child while flying. Is it more evil to chase him & probably break down into tears (I know it will happen & then I'll be that crazy B who can't handle her child OR her nerves) while he wiggles, worms, runs & screams or to drug him so our travelling resembles Weekend at Bernies?

Luckily, my dear sweet gorgeous mother is flying from Nashville to meet me at LAX & we're going to take a 3-day break on that side of the country then she'll fly with us back to Tennessee. Then a couple of weeks later Marcel (who should be well rested & refreshed after his return to bachelorhood & childlessness) will join us in Washington for his half of the family how-do-you-do's.

I'm very excited & can not stop thinking about the trip in happy ways too! My very best friend from freaking 7th grade is getting married!!! And I get to be in the wedding!!! Blessed be to Facebook for reuniting us!!! And Ben gets to celebrate Halloween in a country where it actually exists!! And we're flying over on my 31st birthday (10-10-10 might I point out) so I get TWO birthdays with the timezone changing - one with Marcel here & one with my mom over yonder!!!

Until then, I will continue to organize & reorganize the baby supplies in my shiny diaper bag & buy new little toys & books that Ben is not allowed to see until he's on the plane (if he is indeed conscious). I will not mention to you the semi-matching neck pillows I bought us last week - his may or may not be black/white stripes & mine may or may not be green/white stripes. And I will not mention the beautiful bronzey document/passport holder & luggage tag that will look beautiful with my bronzey diaper bag that I could not live without. Whatever.

Okay, confessional closed for today. Hope I haven't jinxed you into having your own stress dream tonight. If I have, feel free to tell me about it so I can laugh at you & not feel so loony myself.

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