03 August 2010

Happy Thoughts

To balance out the often always crazed ramblings, I decided to keep this one simple & positive. Don't get too comfortable - I'll probably be back to my usual maniacal mama mode soon.

What Makes Me Happy:
1. Ben has started feeding us. Sometimes I think this is because he doesn't want to eat his own food but gosh darnit, it's adorable when he waddles over with a huge smile on his face & a single raisin clutched in his fingers to shove into my face. Sidenote: I haaaate raisins but I have a firm policy to never turn down anything that he feeds me in such a loving manner.

2. Ben has also started clapping hysterically out of the blue, which is hilarious. He has clapped in the past but suddenly he seems to understand what it's about so out of the blue he'll start clapping enthusiastically and squealing like a loon. It never fails to make me start applauding as well - an instant pick me up.

3. To round up the Ben trifecta, he has discovered belly buttons! I may have had a part in this, yanking up Marcel's shirt & yelling "There's Dada's belly button!" but now Ben yanks up shirts himself and jams his tiny finger in our bellybuttons. Not the best feeling on earth and always reminds me to do my sit-ups but it's hilarious and makes the boy's day.

4. I can't believe I'm going to include an ad for lady personal products but this guy delights me to no end. If you can watch the bit where he jumps out from behind the couch without laughing out loud, YOU ARE A ROBOT. This guy is gorgeous to me & reminds me of my lovely husband & I seriously hope Marcel does this sort of thing when I'm not around.
(ignore House at the end, he does not make me happy)

5. We watched Sherlock Holmes this weekend in our everlasting quest to catch up on movies that we can't go out & watch in the theater. Lordy, I loved this movie! Two of my biggest movie crushes, Robert Downy Jr. & Rachel McAdams. HA! Bet you thought I'd say Jude Law but I adore Miss McAdams & I have serious issues with anyone who doesn't love RDJ. And yes, Jude Law is wonderful in this as well. It's fun & fast-paced & gave us a nice break away from sleeplessness and eatlessness (that should be a word) & dirty diapers & yelling "Get out of the trash!" or "Where are your pants??"

So there, a few dollops of happy from my day. I probably could find some more but I need to go clean that kitchen that I've been yammering on about for 2 days. Tomorrow I'm going to try to post some of the recipes I've been playing with recently - some really yummy things in our house is always a good thing.

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