18 August 2010

humming along

It's after 11pm & I really ought to be in bed but I had some caffeine tonight & it turns out that after years of it not having any effect on me, it suddenly does. Apparently when you don't have it often suddenly the little bit you do have really hits you. Did that make any sense? Oooh, I should have just asked "Savvy?" I'm going to try to bring that word back. I tried to do it once back in high school (hello Matt Shafer by the way if you're out there) but it didn't catch on. The world wasn't ready for a savvy reemergence yet.

Marcel is in Papua New Guinea now. Poor boy had to get up at 3am to get out the door to catch a 6am flight out of Sydney. I feel bad about that but I was actually already up at that hour, feeding Count de Fussy Britches, but at least I didn't have to face the airport stress today. I still come close to hyperventilating thinking of my flight almost 2 months from now.

Ben only woke up once last night but it took a while to settle him back down. Actually, I never did get him settled again so I just left him to amuse himself. I fully expected to have to get back up 5 minutes later when he caught on that he was alone in his bed, awake but he must have conked out when I left because I woke up 3 hours later. That was at 6am & I was beyond exhausted & couldn't convince him to go back to sleep so I summoned my best Mother of the Year material & just threw a bunch of toys & books into his bed & went back to my own bed. Again, I fully expected wailing a few minutes later but he let me have another hour of sleep. I actually felt rested, energetic & what's that word? Oh yeah, HUMAN today. I had energy - organized, bought groceries, cleaned my car out, got a new phone since I broke my other one, played with the neighbor's new puppy & had a great time with my son.

I honestly had forgotten what life felt like - sleep deprivation has made me feel like I'm on cold medicine all the time or something. I always feel disconnected, sluggish and bitchy. Mind you, Ben is teething again so he was well drugged up last night and I may never hit that perfect balance again. Pray for me. And no, not really drugged up - just good old Panadol & Nurofen, which is exactly what the doctors have told us to do. And seriously, how many freaking teeth does this child need? Yes, yes, I know he needs a mouthful but it seems like he is ultra-sensitive to it & at the rate we're going he is going to have a constant cycle of teeth like sharks do, they'll just keep coming & he'll lose one here & there when he bites an unsuspecting surfer (that's totally possible around here by the way)(and yes, there are some good looking surfers ladies so it's time for you to book your Australian getaway).

I've got big plans for us tomorrow as well. Cleaning, cooking & a field trip to IKEA. Ben likes meatballs, I like housewares, we both win. And Marcel wins by being in another country so he doesn't have to suffer through another journey through the Swedish wonderland. And I get a bonus point because walking through IKEA is a workout in itself and I need that since I can't go to the gym while Marcel is away. When you pay $19.95/month for a gym you don't get the luxury of a creche/nursery/whatever.

Seriously, I need to sleep but I am buzzing. I should harness this energy and do some push-ups & sit-ups or take a bath or something that adds to my quality of life. Maybe a bath would mellow me out a bit too AND I could do some push-ups or sit-ups while it's filling up. But will the water running wake Ben up? And how many stinkin' toys will I have to empty from the bath first? Maybe I should just go to bed & read for a while to let my eyes tire out. Holy crap, are you still reading this?

I'm cutting myself off now. I have no idea what I'm going to do but you can't bet it's not going to be exciting so don't hold your breath or anything. Have a fabulous Wednesday if you're in that timezone and over here, we'll take care of Thursday until you're ready for it.

And if you're in Tennessee, wish my mom well because she's having another eye surgery today. Stupid retina.

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