25 August 2010


What are my favorite things about Ben these days? Let me count the adorablenesses:

1. When we ask where his bellybutton is, he picks up his shirt & squeals like a banshee. He's learning anatomy & just as importantly, he's just about ready to earn some Mardi Gras beads.

2. When you ask him where his nose is, he starts to point at his ear then pulls up his shirt & squeals like a banshee. We may have a bit more work to do with that one.

3. If you say "Awwwwww" he'll stop what he's doing & hug whatever he's holding, whether it's a stuffed animal or a magazine. If he's not holding anything he'll quickly grab whatever's nearby.

4. He's learning to misbehave - he knows that when our backs are turned he can hit the power button on the gas heater as many times as he wants, dump water/raisins/anything messy everywhere & when we come back around he doesn't actually stop what he's doing, he just does it more quickly so he can get more trouble done before we stop him.

5. He loves Tom Hanks as much as I do. Well, to be more accurate he loves Woody from Toy Story. And technically, I think he likes Buzz better but I refuse to fully believe that because Tom Hanks is our guy not Tim Allen (no offense to Mr. Allen). He carries the Toy Story DVD case around & every now & then will put it in my lap & just point at the characters on the cover. He's only seen each of the movies once but he loves them.

So that's our life these days - the boy seems to be learning so much so quickly now & he's so much freaking fun! Still not sleeping well but as I pointed out on Facebook that lack of sleeping may have prevented us from being robbed so I'm taking a break from complaining. And my doctor's appointment was canceled last week, thanks to my doctor getting sick so we're going on Friday instead. Should be fun ... Nnnnot!

I can't remember what else I was going to write about so I'm just going to go. Need to do a lot of cleaning now that I'm feeling healthier. Heading back to the gym tonight where my nose will run all over me, which will only add to my exercise appeal - snot + beet red face + clumsy jogging + having no idea what I'm doing with the machines = all around awesomeness.

Okee dokee, I'm out of here. xx

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