24 March 2011


I know what you're thinking & you best hush your mouth! No, I do not have anything worth giving away but you didn't have to be so rude to point it out. I do have a few friends who are awesome & one of them has a gorgeous store called The Princess and The Pea www.theprincessandthepea.com.au/ that is the go to places for children's interiors in Australia if I do say so myself. The proprietor (am I using that word correctly?) is Nicole, who spent many years in Papua New Guinea with Marcel & the other Eisele's as children so she's practically family. I try to remind her of that every time I invite myself over when she's hosting glamorous events! Seriously Nicole, I'm planning on purchasing a fancy hat for the Royal Wedding gathering in the wee hours of the morning so you're going to have to officially un-invite me if you're trying to keep it exclusive.

Anyway, it's Nicole who's giving something away & it's something I've had my eye on for a while so if you win it you may find me skulking around your house complimenting it over & over in a less than subtle way, silently begging you to give it to me. Ain't it purty? AND the crazy woman is offering shipping anywhere in the world so you best be taking advantage of this, Americans!

Perfect for sitting on a table as a catch-all for whatever you need to discard after a day - jewels, money, etc. Hell, if you're leaving that stuff lying around you may find me skulking around your house even more! In any case, go to Nicole's blog & sign up as a follower - you won't regret it, she's got gorgeous things to share & a wonderful way with words to go along with them. Visit this link to find out just how easy it is to win that tray for yourself or perhaps for a particularly persuasive friend ... 

I got nothing else today. My brain is mush, my son played & cried in his crib instead of napping, I ate enough lunch for the whole neighborhood & now I need to clean my kitchen & bathroom & do some laundry. So naturally I'm online trying to find something else to do but now Ben wants to play with his crayons so I'll do that instead. Yes, I got him some crayons - those giant adorable ones that withstand toddler torture. I wouldn't say he enjoys coloring so much (he seems drawn to gray, peach & white for heavens sake!) but he does enjoy rearranging the crayons repeatedly & taking them in & out of their carrying case & pretending to count them. Lord love him, he may end up with nary a creative bone in his body but he will be sure to prevent us from appearing on Hoarders with his gift for squaring things away.

That is all, I'll be back tomorrow I presume with something mind-blowingly awesome for you. Schyeah right & monkeys might fly out of my butt!

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  1. Oh Ash, you're too kind! I hardly recognise myself in your description :) Thanks for a shout-out re my First House giveaway, will be sure to give you an extra entry - which brings the grand total of entries to 5 or maybe 6. They're coming to it in droves.