30 March 2011

Hairy situation

I thought of a sunshiney & rosy aspect to my pregnancy! You might remember my last pregnancy when the grease on my face & hair were so deep that fish & chip shops were eyeing me as a cheap resource to restock their oil supplies. It was the WORST. Wellll, this time SO FAR (if I say "so far" it can't curse me & bite me in the ass can it?) my hair & skin are fantastic! At this point, it's the main difference between last pregnancy & this one so I don't know what that means. But I'm enjoying my very clear skin & nice tame hair.

Well, I'm not totally enjoying my hair because I haven't had it colored or cut in eons. I am seriously shaggy & root-tastic. I am pretending that I'm one of those girls that thinks you shouldn't color your hair when you're pregnant but I'm really not, we're just broke as a joke at the moment. 2011 has thus far been a suckity suckity suck year for our finances - it seems like every time we start to catch up, suddenly a car needs servicing or registration or a council rate bill comes through or something unexpected & there is no end in sight. We may never get back on track & as you can tell by my woefulness, my hair is the hardest hit victim in this situation.

So while I put off looking human anytime soon, I am dreaming & scheming of what I shall do to my hair suit (if you don't watch 30 Rock & don't recognize that phrase, shame on you!). My original plan was just to get back to my good old blonde highlights - bright, bold & a beacon of light in my pregnancy. But as life has started handing us lemons, I have started thinking I need something stronger or just different. I bet you thought I was actually going somewhere with that lemon metaphor. So did I.

I was perusing one of my favorite websites today, gofugyourself.com - if you are interested in fashion in the slightest & love hilarious, witty writing to go along with it, do yourself a favor & visit the lovely ladies who run this site. You shan't be disappointed. So yes, I was perusing it today & found this vision of awesomeness:

Ophelia Lovibond
photo from gofugyourself.com
First of all, Marcel is going to see my file titled Ophelia on the desktop & roll his eyes, announcing that we will not be naming any child of ours Ophelia. Then once the situation is explained I think he'll approve of the hair. It's lovely right? I need something different & my length is finally getting there. Where I am supposed to find that bounce is another story but I am willing to try. Let's face it, at the moment I look a little bit like the guy in the background so any step in the forward direction is an improvement. What say you?

Now I am going to go scream into a pillow or punch something very hard. I am really at the end of my rope with a certain son of mine. Doesn't eat, doesn't sleep at night half the time, doesn't nap, still finds ways to get his diaper off & throw poop two or three times a week even though I check on him constantly. All I want is one day of peace. I feel like all I do is scold & yell & cry my days away & I am fast approaching exhaustion. I really do not think I'm good at this mothering crap.

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  1. Girl you make me laugh, you look NOTHING like that freak in the background and you could DEFINITELY pull off that fab hairstyle and colour!


    PS Am looking v root-astic myself at the moment and it's amazing how subhuman it makes you feel!

    PPS Notice how I sailed straight past the mothering stuff as I have no idea how hard it all is and as such am completely unqualified to offer any assistance other than to say, I think you're a fab mum and Ben is one lucky little fella!