29 March 2011

sitting still

Are you ready for more pregnancy ranting? Well, one of the more annoying parts of this pregnancy timing was it ruined my giant plan of getting in shape. We had discussed having another kid & while he pretty much dismissed it half the time, the other little bit of me said it would be okay but AFTER I work out & get in shape so pregnancy would perhaps be a bit easier, I'd be more active & yes look less moose-like. Let me tell you that these days I fear that at every check up someone is going to figure out that that little baby in there has been fashioned out of french onion dip (my current craving) by my body to keep from having to go back to the gym.

Now, I know that pregnant women can & should work out like normal & try to stay in shape but that is not possible when lifting your head off the couch makes your stomach roll. Now that the nausea is getting a bit better - still gagging, still can't handle strong smells (hello poopy diapers!) & no food settles in my stomach well - I aim to start walking with Ben since the weather should be cooling down any day now. I would love to get back to the gym to do weights but the lack of childcare means I can only go at night when Marcel's back & I'm struggling to keep my eyes open not long after we get Ben to bed so maybe I'll try to go once or twice on the weekends just for the heck of it. But I suppose I'll talk to my doctor first.

Anyway, there really isn't much else going on in our lives these days - Ben, baby, work (for Marcel), needing to buy some more french onion dip (for me), the usual. I'll try to come up with more things to talk about so it's not all doom, gloom & stories about poop making me puke but I'm trying to keep this as autobiographical as possible!

And as if on cue, I can smell Ben's full diaper so I'm off to tie a scarf around my face & do my motherly duty. Oh wait! I will tell you that last night I dreamed that we named the baby Gravy. Remind me to not do that for real. Actually, the Eisele's had a gorgeous cat named Gravy once so it violates our one rule of not using pet names for children so we should be safe. But seriously, don't let me try to use it anyway. Also don't let me try for its obvious partner Biscuit. Thank you.


  1. One tip from a nursing student about smells...cuz we smell em ALL!!! :) Put a little Vicks vapor rub on the tip of your nose before taking on that diaper. :)

  2. Very good tip - just tried it & works extra well with the scarf on top of the Vicks. Sadly, could still smell a bit but I'll keep experimenting. Do surgical masks prevent smell at all?

  3. LOL, no...they just make you feel like you're sufficating. Some people I know put the Vicks UP their nostrils...perhaps that would work better???