15 January 2012

Golden Globes

I don't have cable, pay TV, Foxtel, whatever you want to call it. There are a handful of times I regret this - when I desperately want to watch true crime documentaries (The First 48 is the greatest series ever) & when the awards shows start rolling around.

I would give my right arm to be watching the Golden Globes red carpet right now & the actual show afterwards. Instead I'm following the Fug Girls' live coverage on Vulture while speeding between E! & every other entertainment website I can think of to see the dresses. Yes, I know I could watch a feed of it on the internet but it never loads correctly & I get so aggravated that it's not worth it. I know I'll see highlights later.

Here are my dress favorites in whatever order they happened to pop up from where I saved them.

Debra Messing
photo courtesy of bellasugar.com.au
When I googled the lovely Ms Messing, I saw that she has favored this look in the past.
I would favor it too if it made me look so wonderful. 
Hard to go wrong with dramatic black.
Also, I love green & respect bold accessories.

Angelina Jolie
This look couldn't be worn by many women because it would end up wearing them instead.
I would never wear it because I have no gravitas.
Angelina rocks it.
I hate Brad's hair. I hate it to Hell.

Kelly MacDonald
I would wear this dress. I don't care that I'm short & frumpy.
It would take an act of violence to pry those greeny bluey sequins off of me.
I have never seen Kelly without referring to her as "the girl from Trainspotting" but now I may amend it to "the girl from Trainspotting who wore that amaaaaaazing sequiny dress."

Sarah Michelle Gellar
I always crave drama & fun in red carpet style.
I am so sick of nude dresses, it makes me want to scream.
This is the anti-nude in my mind & it's awesome!
Thank you SMG for coming back with a bang.

Helen Mirren
It's blue, it's classy, it's gorgeous.
I feel the strong urge to force my husband to photoshop my face onto hers so I can pretend I wore this.

Dianna Agron
This goes against my every natural instinct.
I'm not drawn to red dresses.
Column styles leave me feeling meh.
Skin (or the illusion of it) peeking through strikes me as cheap.
Also, I hate Glee.
But I think my love off all things Rob Ryan is overshadowing all the bad & forcing me to love this. 
I'd much prefer it as a framed papercut for what it's worth.

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