24 January 2012

Oh, little man.

As the reining Mother of the Year, I always feel a little guilty that I'm not reporting every time Evan blinks his eyes or farts or whatever. He is my gorgeous little guy nonetheless & today we made a giant leap in the land of development - he rolled over for the first time!!! I know, hold on to your hats people. Big news, big news.

He'd been a little out of sorts for the past couple of days, even more clingy than usual & even less sleep during the day with even more cluster feeding. Bless his little cotton socks, he was driving me BANANAS. Did I not learn anything while raising my first little lovely? Ben's consider "raised" at this point, right? Anyway, I completely forgot that every time Ben freaked out like that, he'd suddenly have a new skill. 

I could keep rambling about how exciting his first (& second if I'm going to keep bragging) rollover was - he banged his head on the ground his first go but he still gave it another go. No, no, I'll stop talking about it now. But let me just say there are Olympic athletes that don't show the high level of determination my little monkey musters up in his little face & fists when he's getting ready to go for it. But nope, I'm done. 

We'll just have to get video for you so you can share in the excitement. 

I'm trying to stop using so many exclamation points by the way (that's right, this is cutting back!) so I feel like everything I write is coming across as depressed. I'm not depressed, I'm just trying to be a little more mature. It's painful. 

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