30 January 2012

Speech! Speeeech!

Speech classes start tonight, which should be very interesting.
Getting Marcel home early enough for me to dash to the hospital in time should be very interesting.
Poor Marcel home alone with a growing head cold & two kids as bedtime draws near should be interesting.

Just to recap, I am the one going to speech class even though I have an impeccable way with words. If you're scoffing, you are welcome to CAN IT! Anyway, while Ben's vocabulary has grown tremendously over the past several weeks, as many of you predicted it would, I still want to see what they have to teach us. I want to find any way possible to encourage him in his language development & help him be understandable to everyone else without us resorting to nagging & correcting. I figure he's done so well on his own recently that it can only be onwards & upwards from here.

That's me karate chopping the sky, which I felt compelled to do suddenly.

I'll let you know how the class goes in any case. It goes for four or five weeks for an hour & a half so I hope it's at least fun. Why on earth would I think it would be fun? I'm afraid the nerd in me comes out at the thought of going to a class of any kind. If I had spent a little less time choosing which cute notebook to take with me (where is Lisa Frank when you need her?)(oh wait, here she is!), maybe I would have remembered Evan's 4-month immunizations today. Hello smallpox.

Speaking of Evan, there's been no further rolling over. He leeeeans as if he's going to, teeters there for a few seconds then rolls back to his starting position. The process is always accompanied by a lot of whining, groaning & what is most certainly baby grumbling. Stubborn child. I keep rolling him to show how it's done & giving him encouragement but I think he startled himself so much with his first couple of rolls that he's a little hesitant to take the plunge again. Maybe I could build a little ramp & send him down it - that would get him going for sure! Mother of the Year.

Anyhoo, it's raining & I'm distracted. Ordering my groceries online these days, which is the single greatest thing I've ever done for myself (thank you Nicole for suggesting it). No more dragging grumpy hobbits through the aisles of Mordor & forgetting half of the list or just having to cut it short for everyone's sanity. Look into it, people - if Kariong offers it then you know your bustling metropolis would have it too.

Off I go into the wild blue yonder ...

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