29 January 2012


Sorry I've been away - I've been putting a bit of effort into getting my new blog up & running so have neglected this one a bit. Luckily, I have been making notes about things I want to write about. Now I just realized that Ben took a pencil to those notes so if I can decipher my original chicken scratches under there like an art restoration person (restorator? restorationist? I have read enough nonsense novels where those guys are also terrorism experts, I should know what they're called)(I'm pretty sure restorator is not a word for what it's worth but really, why are they always art historians PLUS top secret super spies - choose one awesome career at a time, buddy), I will update my blog accordingly.

In the meantime, I give you a glimpse of my poor son who is sleeping in penguins head to toe tonight. 

This would be more effective & adorable if I had gotten a picture where his arm wasn't actually covering one of the penguins. 
That penguin's belly is a polar bear, by the way! Cutest t-shirt ever. 
I just tried to look it up on threadless.com but it's apparently not for sale anymore. Sorry.

He looks more & more like the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine every day. 
Bless him. 

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