11 February 2012

Class of 1998

When you move across the planet to make a new home in a new country, you can only bring so much stuff - the airlines have limits & it costs a FORTUNE to ship things over. Therefore, I had to be super choosy about what to bring when I moved to Australia 6 1/2 years ago. 

Somehow, my high school senior yearbook made the cut.

Every time this thing gets dragged out (usually when I have no witnesses), I get a bunch of good belly laughs out of it. Marcel found it today while organizing some shelves & I am delighted to share with you my senior portrait:

Apologies to my classmates for including you but I think the collective gorgeousness of us all should brighten your day. If you'd rather not be featured in such a shoddy blog, let me know & I'll block you out.

But let's take a closer look, shall we?

Blonde much? I looked like such a space cadet.
And isn't that the worst class motto ever? We were counting on our own failure! I remember my wise roommate wasn't crazy about that motto - we should have listened.
Most importantly, HOW MANY C'S ARE IN SUCCESS?? 
We failed before we even got out the door.

Do you guys ever drag your old yearbooks out to reminisce? 
I highly advise it!

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