26 February 2012

The Good Room

Oh my word, today is FANTASTIC! You know I love political nuttiness & you know I love celebrities. So this Labor Party meltdown happening at the same time as the Oscars red carpet is making me giddy! If only I had pay TV so I could watch all the E! excitement - instead I'm flipping between websites & ooh'ing & ahh'ing as best as I can. I'm also watching an encore viewing of Revenge. *sigh* I'm going to become addicted, aren't I?

I've been saving pictures of the dresses & looks I love from the red carpet so far but I think there are actually too many! That never happens. It must be my good mood today. May do a separate post later when I've had more time to be critical. And maybe I won't because really, do you need the fashion opinions of a girl who doesn't own a single fashionable item of clothing? No? Okay, I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

Hey, I had the stupidest epiphany the other day while drying my hair. I was just fantasizing about keeping my house clean (I know, I know) & how fantastic it would be to just have one room in the house that was neat & beautiful & well put together & STAYED THAT WAY. Suddenly, little gears starting turning in my head & years of childhood frustration clicked into place.

Now after 32 years my parents' living room made sense.
The room we were never allowed to play in.
The room with the nice furniture.
The room with breakable knickknacks.
Oh my word. I want a Good Room.

But back to Revenge, I would like the entire wardrobe of the main girl. Should I know her name? I want her clothes, her hair, her accessories & oh yes, I would not turn down the Hamptons mansion. DO YOU SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED?? I am already addicted & now the Oscars ceremony is starting so I can't watch the rest.

Okay, now over to the Oscars. Am I the only one who thinks Hugh Jackman was the best Oscar host in the past million years? I nearly peed myself during his opening number. Hilarity!

I think my favorite Oscar-related thing so far is this tweet from one of the funniest human beings that has ever existed, one of the loves of my life, Steve Martin:

At the Vanity Fair party. The room is filled with enormous egos. 

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