23 February 2012

Sick, sicker, sickest.

Not sick after all. Had the most terrible pressure on my face & terrible head, neck & shoulder aching so I assumed I was about to be hit by the black plague or something equally as dramatic but instead it just went away. I would feel a bit embarrassed by my woe-is-me explosion except that I overheard someone telling someone else (this is how I get all my solid information) that her kids both had been home with some mysterious flu where they just had gosh-awful headaches & a fever. I didn't get the fever so I guess I'm lucky. Wait, that just means I had a headache doesn't it? Maybe I overreacted.

Ah well, Ben is making up for it - he woke up a couple of times last night with a fever & as we speak is propped up on the couch with a couple of pillows & a blanket feeling pretty darn sorry for himself. He is the cutest, most pathetic little sicky. Just gave him some Nurofen so he'll be back to a normal temperature & bouncing off the walls in no time. Every time he gets sick, I start panicking that it's going to turn to puking. With him, it ALWAYS turns into puking. And we're running low on his diapers, which means he'll probably get hit with mud butt too just to make life even more pleasant. We're still years away from potty-training I do believe.

I'm going to break a little rule & link to my other blog for a moment - the weight loss one (prepare yourself, it's even more painful than this one). I reached a major milestone yesterday, hitting the point where I've lost 10% of my starting weight. Huzzah, hallelujah, etc. Still have a ways to go but I'm very excited. So if you're thinking about losing some weight yourself & you need to see that someone lazier & hungrier than you can do it, I'm your gal! That blog has no design to it whatsoever so ignore all that - hopefully I'll get around to that eventually.

Ben is starting to fade off to sleep but keeps fighting it. Evan is sound asleep for his morning nap. I'm staying put right where I am so Ben can keep staring at me in a dazed manner. I'm afraid if I get up to dos something useful like shower or clean the kitchen that refuses to stay clean, he'll wake up all the way. Boy needs some rest. He has the iPad right next to him & doesn't even want to play with it or watch a million episodes of Play School on it so I know he really is feeling puny. 

Hmmm, as tempting as it is to keep rambling about nothing I am going to leave you alone now so you can go do something more useful. If you get bored, I'll probably still be sitting right here trying to watch Grandma's House online (caught an episode last night & had tears streaming down my cheeks from laughing)(but it might not be your taste)(here, have a peek http://youtu.be/WMw85-SwH3U) as quietly as possible so as not to disturb either of my slumbering little darlings.

Have a beautiful day!

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