22 February 2012

Nice hat

It's been a day. Well, it's being a day because this day will never end. I have been going ALL bloody day trying to clean this house to no avail. I've got parts of a few rooms cleaner but that's it. I am about to scream as I watch Ben pull things out of Marcel & my closets after I have killed myself in here but he's being so cute chattering away to himself & hanging things everywhere. Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing to show for all my hard work today except sinus pain.

I've decided that as a mom, most days you have to see what part of yourself is going to excel. And by "excel" I obviously mean "be present." Obviously my housekeeping hat is falling to pieces today after a bold start in the morning.

Hmmm, I sent Marcel an email warning him not to even joke about the messy house or I'd burst into tears so obviously my wife hat is out of service at the moment too.

Luckily for the boys, my mama hat is staying on pretty firmly. I'll admit that as the afternoon wears on a few choice curses have slipped out & my calm directions have turned into something more borderline shrieky a few times but overall the mom hat is winning. We went through another whole set of food coloring (with less staining this time), we sang songs, watched a video of Ernie on youtube about a million times & I caught Ben as he attempted to use his stool as a hoist to get over the pool fence. He never would have reached but he got a lecture anyway.

I know we can never really have it all, but it would be nice if we could have just a little more without being stretched even thinner. And if I can't have it all, can I please just have a housekeeper? A housekeeper & skinny thighs. Wait! A housekeeper, skinny thighs & weekly massages ... nevermind, I'd just settle for a frozen Coke right about now.

Ah well, I was going to ramble some more but I need to fix us some food & try to clean the last dregs of the kitchen before my head explodes.

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