20 February 2012


I've been thinking a lot about getting organized. Thinking about it is the first step, right?

I have taken a couple of further steps in the right direction & I'm so close to being organized that I'm going to put my steps into bullet points. Bullet points reek of organization, don't they?

1. I bought a family calendar for us for Christmas. It's awesome & broken up by family member. Yes, it thrills me to see our little names in print & it says "The Eisele Family" in the corner. I know it's not a score-keeping type of thing but if it was, Ben & I would be kicking Marcel & Evan's asses!

I took this picture a few days ago & it's even fuller already. It's nice to have all the day care days, doctor appointments, playdates, boxing classes, etc down in one highly visible spot. Too bad I'm the only one who consults it. During said consultations, I might nod smugly to myself at my awesome handiwork.

2. Another Christmas gift from myself to the family (basically a gift to myself) was the handy dandy meal planner, which is right smack in the middle of the freezer door. I am not sharing a picture because you would not be impressed with the three things I've written on it for the whole week, only one of which has been made when I planned for it. Turns out you have to be organized before you can actually get the meals made. Apparently just writing it down doesn't magically give you the distraction-less time to make a lovely meal. Is there a planner that can play with your toddler & carry your whiny baby around, maybe even nurse him for you? I wouldn't even wait for that planner to go on sale!

3.  I gave this whole pursuit of excellence a catchy name - The Year of the Organized Eisele. It's kind of an unfair name because it sounds like I'm trying to drag Marcel's parents & sister into the madness but I just mean our little nuclear family. Anyway, all lofty operations deserve a good name. If you need more proof of this, please watch the Motherboy XXX episode of Arrested Development, which is the finest way you could spend 30 minutes of your day. Operation Hot Mother won't let you down.

So yes, I'm trying my darnedest to bring our little family kicking & screaming into some sort of order. I'd like to credit young Evan for doing his part by setting himself a little routine of a nap around 9.30am & another around 5pm, plus a sensible 8pm bedtime. Lord bless that little chap because if he depended on me to set a schedule for him, he'd be one cranky boy. I'll never be organized & pro-active enough to be a Type A mom, which in some ways makes me sad because I would love to accomplish as much as those women & they always look really well put-together. I almost always have a nice combination of milk, spew & marker stains on my clothes that are themselves either too big (hallelujah) or just cheap & ill-fitting.

I hope that my boys don't suffer for my lack of routines. I know plenty of moms that do stick to schedules, etc. & their kids are certainly doing very well but so far my guys aren't half-bad either. I honestly think it comes down to us moms doing what suits us best. If we're thriving, our children are going to thrive too aren't they? In the case of Ben & Evan, a little natural awesomeness definitely helps!

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