26 March 2012

Ahoy hoy

I've been feeling very woe is me these days so I've been trying to stay quiet until it passes for your sake. I think it's safe to say that this mama needs a break. I am a little zonked out but as you probably realize, you can't take a mental health day from your children. Can't afford a babysitter for a night out of the house plus Evan has turned into a crazed demon at night (slight exaggeration there, he's just having a hard time going to sleep & staying that way) so has become permanently attached to me, which literally AND figuratively sucks the energy out of me. Hard to hand him off to someone else when he is so dependant on me ... well, my boobs.

He's ended up in our bed at night more often than not, which is frustrating for oh so many reasons. I don't sleep as well obviously, but I also have to sacrifice my pillow & other things so that I can follow all the rules of co-sleeping for his safety. My back gets stiff from being in a position that he can stay attached to me while he sleeps & every time he moves I wake up in a panic. His new little corner of the office is ready for him with Ben's old crib so now I just need to buy a sleeping bag thing for him so I don't lay awake at night imagining him wrapped up in his blanket. Motherhood messes with your mind, people.

Anyway, a few people have pointed out that he may actually sleep more soundly being out of our room where he can't hear or sense us or smell my milk. We shall see, we shall see. I kind of foresee a lot of nights of me sleeping on his floor instead of going back & forth between the bedrooms.

And yes, I know I have a lot of nerve complaining about my few night interruptions after having had months of perfect nights. Fair enough, I apologize to those of you who have yet to sleep through the night - heaven knows I have been there (remember Ben didn't sleep through until almost 2 years!) & I'm fully aware that we have been damn lucky until recently.

We're still pretty sure it's some soon-to-appear teeth whipping him into this frenzy but we've been wrong about that before. Still, his little gums are very red & he's chomping onto things more than ever & just being grizzly. Definitely reminds me of Ben's teething days, which were very dark days indeed. Whenever we can sneak a peak into his mouth where his tongue isn't in the way, I swear I can see a little bump but it's never more than a fleeting glance. One day he's just going to wake up with a full set of teeth.

More darkness visited us over the weekend, by the way.
Ben's stomach bug came back for a quick visit on Saturday - a couple of vomiting bouts & then he passed out on the floor for a couple of hours. His first vomit was while he was sitting with me in our rocking chair, absolutely covering me in upchucked hot chips. It was A-W-F-U-L but we both survived & he was absolutely fine after he woke up. 

I'm going to be honest, Ben is awesome these days. I'm afraid that you can easily deduce from that fact that it's little Evan giving me the shits. Whiny, non-napping, non-settled, has to be held at all times, teething baby from the land of grouch. He's lucky he's so cute.

But seriously, this kid is freaking fun these days. And look at my toddler Einstein, writing his letters! You can see a "T" on the right & of course an "E" with a few extra lines (it started as a T, then an I, finally an E then he just kept adding lines). This is definitely a new development that is rocking my world! My nerdy, kinda-intellectual, literary-loving world. Ben is the best.

We had a little fun in the gorgeous weather yesterday, making newspaper pirate hats. That's right, I'm old school with my crafts. And no, we don't normally have those mattresses out there but the bottom one is from our outdoor daybed while we were washing its cover & the other one is our random extra mattress that we added so Ben could jump on it.

Pirates ahoy! Super attractive pirates.

I like this view because it shows our whole little backyard world in all its messy toy-strewn glory. Again, those mattresses & pillows aren't usually there. 

Well, that's all the poop that's fit to scoop. I need to run & figure out something to cook for dinner tonight & finish my last load of laundry & clean the bathroom & sweep the house. Maybe I'll just take a nap instead & let the boys take care of themselves. That's fine, right? RIGHT???

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