08 March 2012

Oh baby.

I am an excellent mother, of that there is no doubt.
For example, just today I left Evan on my bed with a fortress of pillows as an impenetrable defense against him rolling off of the bed. He can only roll from back to front at this point & once he gets to his front, he's generally stuck there squawking until someone rescues him.

Anyway, I scampered to the garage for maybe 3 minutes to throw clothes in the dryer & hang a few things on the line. 
I returned to a near tragedy:
You'll notice the green breastfeeding support pillow on the floor - one of my strongest battlers in the soft fortress defense. Not sure what went down while I was away but obviously Evan is capable of more scooting & scuttling than I was aware. 

If we move the camera slightly to the left (yep, I left him dangling while I took more pictures), we have more evidence of why it's awesome to have a baby. No, it's not poop. I do manage to draw a line in my over the top sharing - poop is the line. That is blueberry & apple puree that he spewed up on my freshly made bed YESTERDAY. 

That's right, a little spit-up baby food is not enough to make me clean that darn duvet cover again so quickly. I figure I sleep with enough leaked breastmilk & occasionally find myself occupying a wet spot from a leaky diaper so what's a little puked-up fruit? 

Obviously life is grand.

I'm going to give you a quick peek at an upcoming project I have up my handy dandy sleeve.
I ordered something epically awesome. Some of you will disagree with that grand proclamation but I think a few of you will nod your head & say "I get you, Ashley. I truly get you."
The actual painting is not it.
But what I did order will go in this frame once I've taken it to get a nice mat cut for it - my favorite cheapy solution.
I am madly in love with the frame. Got it from ye old Salvation Army earlier this week - super cheap of course & they gave me another half-off because it had gum stuck to it. Yuck.
Oddly, the gum was exactly the same color as the frame so at first I thought the frame was just mysteriously melting but then figured it out like the sleuth I am. I'm pretty sure someone just realized their gum matched the frame & wanted the whole world (well, the fraction of the world that would visit the West Gosford Salvation Army) to appreciate that ridiculous coincidence.

Anyway, I guess I could offer the actual painting as a really cheap giveaway of sorts if anyone's interested. I've seen much worse artwork at the Salvos so I won't judge you if you want it.
I do have concerns about the car coming down the lane:
Looks like a typewriter.
But hey, maybe that appeals to your literary side. 

I may do something with this frame too but I will seriously judge you if you want this picture. I'm fairly sure that washed-out finish is on purpose & that is not acceptable. 

Well, that's probably enough of this episode of Ashley Eisele: International Art Critic.
See you next time where I'll scope out some more $2 thrift store finds. 


  1. I remember the days of changing our sheets twice a day to avoid spit up or pee or leaky milk....I also remember crying and then just giving up. Absolutely hopeless. Trembling a little now as those days are just around the corner again.

    Post a picture of your final art project!

    1. That's right! You are getting pretty close now, aren't you? Such an adventure you guys have ahead of you! I can't wait to hear how Nikolai likes being a big brother.