05 March 2012

crickity crick

Woke up with a crick in my neck. Not sure if that's the technical term or if it's just a Southern saying but you know what I mean - woke up with a mangled, painful, stiff & useless neck today. It's getting better slowly but surely but still can't lean it to the right without bringing tears to my eyes. Lovely.

I've had a headache for a couple of weeks that I've just been ignoring because I know it's from tension - the old stiff neck & achy teeth accompanying it gave it away. Am I the only one whose teeth hurt when I get a tension headache? Is that weird? I'm seeing my new dentist regularly (What? He's cute with a British accent so suddenly I care about my dental hygeine!)(Kidding - he is cute & British but it's impossible to think crushy thoughts when you're drooling all over yourself in the dental humiliation pose) & everything's all good in my mouth so there's nothing physically off in there, but whenever those headaches come on my teeth join in.

Anyway, I was telling Marcel about the headaches & then Evan started making his latest, greatest whining noise to interrupt my fascinating story & I made a quick aside about how he'd been grizzling like that for the last couple of weeks & TA-DA! I think I figure out where my tension headache has come from as the times line up perfectly.

Too bad there is nothing I can do to magically make my baby stop being a whiny ... uhh ... well, baby. I guess I'll live with the headache. Yes, I do take Panadol for it but it doesn't always work.

Last night I had the joy of sleeping with Ben in his toddler bed for a couple of hours after I got tired of going back & forth during his 3am sick declaration. Seriously, he informed me he was sick but had nothing to back it up. He had absolutely no sick symptoms but something was obviously "off" so I humored him & eventually gave in & climbed in bed.

I think it's safe to say my cricked neck was the product of that boy's bizarre sleep habits in his tiny bed. At one point I woke up with him literally trying to climb on my head while he was sound asleep. I think that was the final straw before I went back to my big bed, where the beautiful Evan woke me up moments later (well, it felt like moments) for his early morning super quick milk n' snooze.

Silly, silly Evan is back to being all over the place with his day sleeps. I had a good few weeks of him taking a consistent decent nap every day around 9.30am but the past few days have shot that to hell with no explanation. He's been back to the random cat naps on me but can't sleep anywhere else. Yesterday when Marcel & Ben were out he finally passed out to an epic 3 1/2 hour nap, which terrified me - I was checking to make sure he was breathing every 20 minutes!

He's just gone down a little while ago now that Ben's buddy has gone home so will he give us another massive snooze? Do I want that? He was up a little late last night & I have plans for the gym tonight that I would prefer he not ruin. Ah well, mothers don't get to have lives do we?

I'm actually taking a bit of a life on Wednesday night - skipping my boxing class, skipping a parents meeting at day care & going to Chicks at the Flicks!! Yay for me! It's Pretty Woman people! How often do you get the chance to see such a classic on the big screen? I realize I'll have to leave early to get Evan to bed (unless Marcel figures out how to lactate before then) but I've seen the movie enough times to recite the ending by heart. I'm just going to hang out with other ladies for a few giggles & the gift bag, of course!

Oh, I mentioned Ben's friend being over today but have I told you about our great Monday exchange program? I highly recommend this genius idea that a close friend of ours suggested. They're trying to get their daughter more comfortable with the idea of eventually starting daycare next year & I just enjoy having her around one week (girls are soooo different, aren't they?) & getting an extra day of just Evan on other weeks. Anyway, the scheme is that each Monday we take turns watching each other's oldest kid. We both have babies so we can't ditch them yet but one Monday her daughter comes here & the next Monday Ben goes & plays at their house. It is awesome.



Do not take parenting advice from me. As I've been sitting, peacefully writing this drivel, happy in the knowledge that one perfect son was finally napping while the other perfect child was watching TV, turns out Ben was armed with a green crayon & was going to town on the TV, the TV cabinet & the bloody iPad.

Fucking crayons. I know better. I let them color with them today & kept reminding myself to put them up when they were done but I was so impressed with how Ben was behaving with them. What is wrong with me?

I am giving myself credit for not yelling, not smacking & just calmly marching Ben off to his room, returning to lecture, then just cleaning. He is sobbing his head off, which naturally woke up the zombie baby who joined in the crying chorus. Took me almost 30 minutes to get the green off of everything & I'm not sure the TV will ever be un-waxy again.

I let Ben sit on the couch while I cleaned but got annoyed when he kept laughing at Evan so I've marched him back to his room where he is again crying his head off.

He needs to stay there until Marcel gets home.

I get it now. I get the anger when kids make the mistake of smiling when they're being punished.
I get that parents don't want to see a naughty child's face for a while just in case they yell or call them names or let loose a string of curses that no human, let alone toddler, should witness.

Stupid bloody parenthood is a crock of shit.

I will leave on a happier note from earlier today, when Ben became a super hero for the first time.

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  1. Oh dear! Hang in there, our girls tag team the destructive stuff. Yesterday we awoke to them playing with the sugar canister, filling it with water and sloshing wet sugar all over the kitchen. I sent them to their room to figure out what was an acceptable punishment and while in there they removed all their bedding AND the mattresses from their beds into a pile on the floor. Was this for jumping purposes or just the random fun of destroying things? And how were a 2.5 and 5 year old able to lift mattresses off the bed anyway?!

    Moving on... The teeth aching during a tension headache is pretty normal and explainable. All the bones in your head, as well as your teeth, should have a very small amount of movement as part of the cranial rhythm. If there is tension present, then that rhythm is thrown off and can cause lots of pain as the other parts seek to compensate. At times my teeth will hurt or even tingle during a headache. I was glad to find out I didn't need root canals along one side of my mouth! :)

    Hope it feels better soon! A warm rice bag can feel wonderful on a stiff neck! And a really hot bath can often take away a lot of my headache.