05 March 2012

*#@^ #*&^$

Just wanted to drop back in to apologize for all my cursing yesterday - whoops. I may be gaining all sorts of willpower when it comes to exercise & eating well better but I can't get the bad words to stop spilling out of my mouth. I can usually keep them under control around the kids unless I've had a few rough days add up then I start the muttering. Ben catches it & has started saying "Sorry Mama" because I always say "Sorry Ben" when I realize he's heard me.

For what it's worth, I actually didn't lose my cool at all with him - well, except that I did pull the "STOP LAUGHING AT YOUR BROTHER OR YOU'RE GOING TO YOUR ROOM ... THAT'S IT!!! YOU'RE GOING TO YOUR ROOM!" but he had that coming. When your parents are mad, it's best to keep your serious face on even when your baby brother is stealing your attention.

That was my only moment of over the top reactioning. Look at that, I just made "reaction" a verb. Anyway, no yelling, no smacking & I managed to get all the green crayon off the TV. I've taken the iPad away for the rest of the week & made Ben apologize to me & then again to Marcel when he got home so I think we're okay now.

Now the lovely boy in question is at daycare & I managed to get #2 down for his morning nap right after the groceries were delivered so I'm maxing & relaxing. Just had a little late breakfast & am about to put some clothes out on the line & put more the washer, finish loading the dishwasher, clean the bathroom blah blah blobbity blah. When Evan wakes up, I'm going to drag him to the Salvation Army because Mama is in the mood for some funky old picture framing & to see if there are any old crappy housewares that Ben might need for his kitchen & other make-believe adventures (What? Mother of the Year? Who, meeeee?). Also, I still have more groceries to get even after my delivery because I forgot that with the morning delivery you can't change your order past noon the day before & I always count on those extra hours to make a second list of things I forgot when I originally placed the order. *sigh* Brains are for fools.

Oh, speaking of make-believe (a few sentences ago), Marcel rudely burst my bubble yesterday by informing me that yesterday was not Ben's first super hero outing. Apparently, they tinkered with his alter ego & a cape while cleaning the garage over the weekend. Grrrrr! Once again, Dad beats me to the punch. Next time, old man, next time!

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