22 November 2008

ch ch ch check it out

Got my pregnancy massage today and feel like a new woman - all loosey goosey. I'm going to aim to have one every month as a treat to the future mum ... me. Then because I was down in Terrigal anyway, I spent a long while going through our little local shops. I love this town - such cool boutiques, yummy restaurants and a brand new tattoo shop just in time for me to fix the one on my tummy after pregnancy stretches it to smithereens. AND there's a new baby store Bel Bambina that is pretty darn adorable. It's NO The Pajama Squid (http://www.thepajamasquid.com/) mind you but I did buy something there that made my heart soar. Check it out -

Yes, that's right it's one of the Rockabye Baby! series, lullaby renditions of U2. It's so wonderful, I actually got tears in my eyes to hear Sunday Bloody Sunday on glockenspiel and other lullaby-appropriate instruments. Very talented people put this together and it's full of U2 artwork but with teddy bears like the cover (even an adorable teddy bear with Bono's green wraparound shades). They have lots of other artists - AC/DC, Bob Marley, Kanye West, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, etc. so I may have to stock up on more. We live in a magical world, people.

And please remember I had a massage, which is why I look like a greasy relaxed loon.

I think that's all the poop that's fit to scoop on this end. Marcel & I had another fight over the nursery situation so I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull that boy in line. He doesn't seem to remember us shaking on the fact that if he got the boat I got total control over nursery decisions. Luckily we had witnesses so I need to make some phone calls for backup. Grrrrrr.

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