24 November 2008

chow round-up

Still not having major cravings but those that I do have are forcing me to be creative. Here is a sequence of events that happened last night after leaving work (times approximate):

6.10pm - Get to train station, pick up the free MX cool little newspaper.
6.20pm - Get on train, start reading MX.
6.35pm - See a picture of a bowl of soup with Chinese writing on the side (probaby not Chinese)
6.36pm - Immediately need a bowl of eggdrop soup - start thinking of where I can get some
6.45pm - Still thinking because I have yet to find some around us
6.50pm - Crap, have to cave in and realise I may not get eggdrop soup
7.00pm - Refuse to give up - send text to Marcel "Please google recipe for eggdrop soup. Will hurt someone if I can't have it ... will probably be you."
7.10pm - Marcel picks me up from train station with recipe.
7.15pm - Stop at little grocery store near train station - no spices that we need or wontons
8.00pm - Stop at big grocery store to get the spices, stock and wontons (we actually had eggs - huzzah)
8.35pm - Get home, start unloading groceries into dirty kitchen (haven't cleaned in a few days)
8.36pm - Get startled by the summer cockroaches that show up every right about now if we don't keep our kitchen IMMACULATE.
8.40pm - Get whiny and give up on eggdrop soup because the roaches skeeved me out.
8.45pm - Clean the kitchen thoroughly
9.00pm - Decide to make the soup anyway
9.15pm - Eggdrop soup a success, a little too garlicky but will do better next time

Sad, right? I was also forced to find a new source of cheese crackers because they don't have Cheez-Its in this country. But on the flipside, there is a new candy store in the mall that has Sour Patch Kids so I now have two sources for those AND more importantly, they actually had 3 cans of Libby's pumpkin pie mix so we will be having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving like good Americans!! We will forget the fact that a can of Libby's probably doesn't cost $10 in America but you won't be eating your pumpkin pie by the beach. SNAP!

That's my latest update on food. Nothing else to report. Tomorrow I will be 14 weeks and my next appointment is supposed to be with the midwives in the next few weeks so I have left them a message today. We'll see if they ever call me back or if I have to stalk these ladies to get my pregnant ass in to see them.


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