02 November 2008


So apparently my child enjoys salads. Not the healthy kinds - just the kinds that involve a starch and lots of mayonnaise. I bought myself a big tub of pasta salad that I'm currently wolfing down and I have another tub of potato salad with bacon and egg on standby for later. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at some point in time I start craving fruit or steamed veggies or something with vitamins in it.

I took a journey to my favourite store in Terrigal today ... the candy store that stocks American sweets. I decided some Pop-Tarts would make me happy. Too bad the ding dong store had every flavour except the two I like. I only eat strawberry and brown sugar/cinnamon (shut up). But noooo, they only had blueberry, cherry, chocolate chip, s'mores & something else evil. I refrained from throwing a temper tantrum but only because there was already someone else having a fit and she was at least 25 years younger than me. I just grabbed a few bags of Sour Patch Kids (which I really don't crave for once in my life) and left depressed. For Christmas, if you feel like spending a stupid amount of money on shipping you can send me a box of strawberry or brown sugar & cinnamon Pop-Tarts. You don't have to ... maybe I'll add them to my baby registry if I ever make one. Getting pregnant so far away from American junk food was one of my less smart decisions.

Okay, I'm off to put my pasta salad back in the fridge, take a prenatal vitamin and read a book. Oh and in a very important due date update, it turns out that our baby is due on Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's birthday. This is spooky because we always look at her as how our baby will look with the super pale skin & hair but ours won't have those lips, unfortunately. Any extra padding will be on the backside of our baby.

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