14 November 2008


Well I made it to my second trimester. Hallelujah & hosannah to the highest, my friends! My skin is also improving - the acne is clearing up and not so much oil. Not sure if it's the changing hormones or my obsessive skin routine but I'll give the point to the baby but it's the nice thing to do. The constant nausea is gone but it's been replaced by the intermittent vomiting, which isn't so pleasant. At least it's done & over & I feel better immediately but it's just weird to be sitting at work, typing an email or on the phone with a client and think "Hmmm ... is that vomit or just a gag coming on? Hmmm ... should probably take a brisk walk to the bathroom just in case." Then last night I got food poisoning or a stomach bug or something - had some lovely Thai veggie fried rice witha bit of sweet chili sauce and spring rolls. I felt immediately woozy after eating but Fruit Loops has the same effect so I didn't worry. I woke up at 1am with terrible cramps and actually got really worried for the first time in my pregnancy but they started moving towards the 'run to the toilet' variety and my panic subsided. Instead, I puked more than I've ever puked before. If my toenails weren't attached, I think they would have come up too. I was up 'til 4am and just slept on the couch when I finally settled down. I've got a cracking headache today from dehydration but I've kept cereal and apple sauce (& maybe some sour patch kids) down so I'll survive. Making a dash for Gatorade and snacky foods shortly.

I finally had my first antenatal apppointment with my doctor! Do they use the phrase antenatal in America? I don't think so. I keep accidentally saying anti-natal but that's totally different. Anyway, I really liked the doctor. He looks like Sydney Pollack and that's a face I can trust. I've gained a kilo back from the three I lost (well, after last night I may need to weigh again) and I'm doing well. I was all confused about the doctor situation here because for public Medicare you do "shared care" so you go to a specialist GP then switch over to the midwives or something. So I was highly comforted to see my doctor's OB/GYN certificate on the wall - not just a random GP. They took more blood for testing (no bad reason) and the woman who drew the blood is only 2 weeks ahead of me but already looks about 5 or 6 months, which worries me.

The paunch is visible now and it cracks me up. Marcel still thinks this whole pregnancy is in our heads and I'm just getting pudgy to fit the part but it's a pretty cool little belly now. I'll take a picture tonight and post it. Oh! I also told the people at work and they are very excited for me but not overwhelming me at all and not treating me differently but reminding me to take a break and eat once in a while so I'm very happy with that. And they'll work with me on however I end up taking maternity leave - I realise I have to think about that soon but it's just a little scary.

No other major changes that I can think of. I have slooooowed down a lot and I hate it. I learned how to shop by watching all those ads on Nickelodeon where you could win a 5min shopping spree where you run around and knock everything into your cart and you got to keep whatever you could grab in that 5 minutes. I would have killed to win one of those shopping sprees I tell you. But anyway, I moved like lightning when I shop and there's absolutely no good reason for it because I usually have nowhere else to be. Now I saunter and if you've ever woven through a crowd with me, you know I hate saunterers. Evil people. And I get myself a shopping cart early on and just leeeean against it while roaming around the mall - I hardly recognise myself. I don't rush up the hill to my car from the train station so now I actually get there without being out of breath and my heart racing. I miss my useless speed.

Okay, I'm off to force some water down my gullet so I can rehydrate and get rid of this headache. Adios!

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