21 February 2010

bad day

8am & I can tell today is going to be a crap one. My cold is brutal and of course I can't take medicine thanks to breastfeeding (one of the few drawbacks). It's already hot outside so today is going to be a scorcher, which is going to make me cough my head off and the portable air conditioner will just piss me off. I keep hoping Ben will be nice & sleepy today but I'm guessing that ain't gonna happen so I'll be chasing him around. And we're almost out of toilet paper and lots of other stuff so I have no choice but to run errands and we have two flat tires on our pram that we haven't had a chance to fix. Today is going to suck.

On the plus side, we found Pampers at Bi-Lo supermarket over the weekend when we stopped there to pick some things up for friends. I squealed with delight and bought a giant box. Now we're doing research to see if anyone else in Australia is selling them but no luck so far so we'll have to make a journey to Bi-Lo regularly for those gorgeous Cruisers!

Ilse left yesterday and we miss her so much already. And not just because it would be great to have a babysitter on hand while I'm sick. She's just so much fun to have around and no trouble at all - can't beat guests like that! It does make us think twice about living waaaay over here.

Okay, Ben is whining so hopefully I can get him down for his morning nap soon. Need to try to feed him first, which is going to be aggravating for this hot & sick lady. Here we gooooo ...

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