15 February 2010

sweet as

We got back from New Zealand yesterday & I am ready for a few days of comatose rest but that doesn't seem like a possibility with that whole child to raise business. He doesn't seem to share my need to recuperate for some odd reason but I suppose he didn't spend the whole trip trying to amuse a baby and he got many great naps in the rental car.

When Marcel & I first visited NZ a couple of years ago on our great campervan adventure, which I wholeheartedly suggest everyone on earth doing, we went to the world's most beautiful old stone church that had the most spectacular view on this planet. We vowed to drag Ilse to it one day so she could capture it properly as a professional photographer can do. So we dragged her there (like 4 times) and she done quite good! Next time we all visit will be for her wedding, which I'm currently planning. Do you know any decent single guys?

By day ...

By night ...

Ben was a super fabulous traveller again & only had one grouchy afternoon/evening. He even made some big strides in eating - crackers, cheese, whatever we were eating (very tiny amounts mind you) & earned himself the nickname Professor Plum. I'm currently trying to wash that damn plum out of his clothes.

We saw sights, gondola'ed, luged, fell in love with Queenstown again, stood crooked & oh so much more.

We were not killed by the psycho country farmer when we stopped on a side road so I could breastfeed the boy one night (long story based on a strong irrational fear I have). It was just an all-around fabulous trip & I still can't say enough wonderful things about New Zealand. I'm not going to even tell you the most heartbreaking news on earth that the old couple that owned & ran Deerpark Heights closed it because they were too old to run it. I'm not even going to tell you our plan of winning the lottery or doing a gazillion dollar bake sale so we can buy that mountain, get more miniature horses & resurrect the greatest tourist park on earth. Instead I will suggest you check out Ilse & my facebook pages for more pictures. Now off to attempt a nap with this kid:

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