28 February 2010

tsunami a no no

We were on tsunami watch today after the devastating earthquake in Chile. Yikes. I'll cut to the happy ending & say that we had no tsunami. We really had absolutely nothing out of the ordinary in our waters, which is a good thing.

Oddly, tidal waves are one of my greatest fears on earth. You'd think a gal who grew up in landlocked Tennessee wouldn't have to worry about such things but for a good year or two I had a recurring nightmare about drowning in a tidal wave. We are talking about 2 or 3 times a week for that year or two - absolutely terrifying. It's not one of the more subtle recurring dreams to have, obviously I was a bit overwhelmed by life at the time but it still didn't make those dreams any more pleasant. It probably also explains why I am terrified of waves & avoid that beautiful beach just down the hill. I can't handle that whole getting knocked over by waves & it takes me a long time to get over it. Hence, no wave jumping for this lady.

Can anyone tell me why my profile thumbnail photo no longer shows up when I post a link to my blog in Facebook? It drives me nuts! If I post a picture within the blog, it lets me use one of those thumbnails but it used to use my main photo & that's what I want again. Grrrr ... I hate being untechnical.

All else is well in the world of us. Marcel's parents are here & Ben is loving his Oma & Opa. Silly boy can't take decent naps when we have company, goes to sleep & wakes up immediately so then ends up being grouchy or passing out in the car if we go anywhere. He is absolutely conked out at the moment, down for the night hopefully - he generally wakes up once after we put him down in his bed then it's usually time for us to go to sleep too so we just take him to our bed for sleepy time. Such a gorgeous little trooper who tolerates his parents' hippy ways.

I'm doing research on gyms tonight, I've got to break down & join one. Have to have one that has a nursery, obviously. I don't know why I didn't realize they charge extra for that - seems kinda obvious now. I know it's going to be hard leaving the boy with strangers & you can expect me to do many ultra-casual walkbys to make sure they're not neglecting him or he's not beating up other babies. I'm already having anxiety issues about leaving him with anyone - he's over 9 months old, I should be more comfortable with this concept. Anyway, the gyms piss me off a bit. One was advertising only a "gold coin to join" (Aus has $1 & $2 gold coins) but the tiny print underneath says that a $70 admin fee is necessary too. DON'T ADVERTISE GOLD COIN TO JOIN IF IT'S GOLD COIN PLUS $70 JACKASS - YOU JUST LOST ME. Unless the other gyms are shady, then I'll probably shell out the gold coin plus $70 but don't tell the jerks I said that.

Off like a prom dress ...

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