22 February 2010

nothing new

It's almost 9.00am and my son is still asleep - I even managed to transfer him to his own crib without a stir. He did have a hard time going to sleep last night so I guess this is the up side to the late evening! I have no idea what to do with myself so I'm looking at recipes & making a quick shopping list for today. I feel much better, still sniffly snuffly & clearing my throat a lot but I can think straight & have my energy back.

What the what? Now I can hear Ben babbling to himself in bed? I just checked on him like half a second before I started typing this & now suddenly he's wide awake? Crazy child ...... okay, I'm back with a freshly diapered little guy still babbling away. If I had to choose, I think my favorite noises of his are when he's tired or lost in his own world & does a quiet, husky, whispery "pwah, pwah" noise over & over. I am also incredibly fond of his soft falsetto "Baba baba" that gets higher & higher as he goes. So gentle & so precious. He hasn't yet seemed to assign Marcel & me our names but I hope that comes soon. I have seen some patterns with him where there's a lot of "ah ya ya" when Marcel's around & he seemed to use "Ma ma ma ma" when Ilse was around but I haven't caught anything for myself yet - I'm probably just oblivious when I'm by myself with him.

Ben is also a dancer. It's true & it's beautiful - if there is music, he is laying down the boogie. The boogie mainly consists of swaying back & forth and some foot stomping but it's awesome & nothing in the world can make me happier than watching his enthusiasm for music and his burgeoning rhythm. Makes a mama proud.

On a completely unrelated note, we have a new shop in Terrigal! Why am I so excited? It's a CUPCAKE shop!! Okay, it's a sweet shop - cakes, chocolates & CUPCAKES!! We've been twice so far & it's heaven - it's called The Sweetest Things. Yeah, a cupcake shop with a name that close to a U2 song must have had me in mind. Marcel thinks I'm going to be a regular & I imagine I'll be like Norm from Cheers where when I swing open the door everyone (the one girl behind the counter & the one person in the way back working on wedding cakes) say "AAAAAASHLEY!" then we chit chat & I order my cupcake and become a permanent fixture at the bistro tables outside. Of course if I add the calories of becoming a regular at a cupcake store and follow the trendy blazer fashion & finally cut my hair off like I'm always threatening, I truly will look like Norm from Cheers. At least I now know where I can get a spiffy cake for Ben's 1st birthday!

Speaking of his 1st birthday, it's only 3 months away & I suddenly have it on my brain. My mom has started rumours that she may come over for it & I hope she does!! It will definitely be a small party since our little family are not the biggest social butterflies but it should be fun. What the hell do you actually do at a 1st birthday party? I can't imagine you can play games or anything. Maybe we'll have a dance party so Ben can show off his killer moves. And I hope the poor boy is a more eager eater by then or he'll be the first kid to not eat cake at his own party. He does enjoy smearing so I guess he can just make a mess of it and enjoy the fact that he won't overwhelm us with a sugar high.

Okay, I need to go actually be a mother to my son and get him away from all the blinkin' things he's trying to pull down/knock down/stick his finger in. Hope you have a super day!

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