25 February 2010

stuck on the couch, send help

I've spent the day with a pathetic baby in my lap. He woke up with a fever of 101, which Panadol brought down pretty quickly but when the boy is sick all he wants is to breastfeed. A-L-L D-A-Y I have accomplished nothing today but reading a crappy thriller book that is like 5% mystery, 5% smut (not expected at all) & 90% boring. His fever came back this afternoon so more Panadol but he's played and is happy once his temperature goes back down so nothing too urgent at least. We'll see if he develops any other symptoms - hopefully not my cold but I didn't have a fever anyway.

It would have been lovely to be able to get out of the sitting position today so I could put away the 10 loads of laundry sitting in our bedroom. Not exaggerating by the way, I have done literally 10 loads of laundry without bothering to put them away between having Ilse here (much more important) then being sick & now with him sick. Also need to put the clean sheets on our guest bed since Marcel's parents get here tomorrow morning! So happy to have them coming but I've got nothing ready. They won't mind but it drives me insane to be such a mess with guests. Marcel will have to be on Benny duty tonight while I clean like a madwoman.

Switching gears completely, I am loving this final season of Lost so much! I know lots of you don't agree but you are wrong - it's good & whatever they're leading to is going to be spectacular. The only problem I have with the new stuff is that the temple set looks exactly like the indoor exhibits at the local reptile park, which is not a compliment. I can't see the temple scenes without wondering how Sayid got dunked in that pool without being surrounded by baby alligators & hope they don't dawdle or they'll miss the Elvis the crocodile feeding. I bet Hurley & Miles would appreciate Elvis the crocodile.

Not much else to say really. Haven't even watched any Olympics today but I hear another Aussie lady won gold. I always find myself cheering on Australian sportswomen for some odd reason. Not replacing good old U-S-A U-S-A or anything, just spreading the love.

Okay I'm off to change a dirty diaper. I hope the Eiseles want cupcakes when they arrive tomorrow. I should have both of those thoughts in my head at one time, should I?

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