16 April 2010


Friday night & all is well. I can hear the faint sounds of the African lullaby video Marcel plays for Ben on his iPhone to get him to sleep sometimes. It's so cute & peaceful & Ben gets mesmerized & drifts away. Except for tonight because now I can hear him chattering a bit too. Ah well, he's been doing so well in his nighttime routine so I can forgive a few tough evenings. He & I hit the Family Care Cottage on the 27th & I'm really nervous still so am choosing not to think about it until I'm there!

We close on the house on Tuesday morning & I am choosing to think about that one because I am so excited! We bought paint samples today so Tuesday afternoon, once I've got the keys, I'll slap those on the walls & see what looks good. Yes, there is a good chance some of the paint will end up on Ben & myself but I'll too happy to care!

Well, I think Marcel is giving up on his rocking shift so I'm gonna have to take back over.

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