20 April 2010

These days are better than that.

Today is different, did you know? You're not just reading the blog of some schmo. No, no, no. You're reading the blog of a homeowner. That's right, I'm that girl that owns a house with my name on it. Sure, Marcel's name is on it too if you want to get technical but I'm still a homeowner darn it! It's very exciting but there is so much to do. We picked up our keys this afternoon & rushed over to give our house a big hello. I don't want to be a downer but it was a little discouraging. Only because a house looks completely different once all the furniture & special touches have been removed. Paint looks duller, holes & flaws are suddenly evident & the place seems even smaller than we remember. It's still cute & a few coats of paint plus our furniture & my awesome decor (still very much in the planning phases as our current home is more of a comfy mish mash) will make it a true home that reflects us.

The hardest part of the moving process is a little adorable bouncing boy that for some odd reason won't just sit quietly & play by himself while we clean & move things around. Strange, right? He will crawl around by himself, getting covered in dust & dirt & opening every cabinet he can reach & trying his best to find every power outlet possible. Turns out that those activities are in no way helpful to us at all. Painting on Friday is going to be IMPOSSIBLE with the human distraction. I'm going to attempt to put the paint samples on the wall tomorrow at least & get some cleaning done. I may have to get Benny a straightjacket. Some people would think babysitter but I go straight to mental patient bondage. Whatever.

Anyway, nothing else new. Our apartment looks like a tornado hit it, which is driving me nuts but I'm going to have to deal with it. Ben has discovered the joy of opening & closing the drawer that he used to pull DVDs out of - all the DVDs are packed up so he has to use the drawer as a toy. It's annoying but I don't feel right fastening it shut because it brings him so much joy ... or relief ... or something. He just does it while he's watching TV or playing with us. Strange little boy.

Okay, off I go to be a mother to my son & clean the kitchen & organize some stuff for tomorrow. And oooooh, episode #2 of Masterchef tonight!!!! All stress of the world melts away watching that show, bless it. Anyhoo happy Tuesday.

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