08 April 2010

some days are better than others

My oh my, it's been a while. I wrote a couple of blogs along the way but they all turned out very whiny & I was very down on myself at the time so I just deleted them as soon as I had purged my soul. Nothing you guys needed to read. Ben has been having a super bad spell where he would only nap while I was holding him in the rocking chair - the second I put him down he'd magically wake up, which has never been an issue before. So I'd spend a good couple of hours a day or more (as much as I could stand so he'd be well rested) just rocking a sleeping baby. That would be blissful if I didn't have a gazillion things to do for this move & just for life in general! Anyway, yesterday & today he has let me put him down asleep so hopefully he's back to normal.

I've made an appointment with the local Family Care Cottage to help us with his sleeping issues & get him transitioned to his own bed when we move. I'm preparing my brave face but something tells me it's going to tear me to pieces & I'm going to feel like a bad mother no matter how sweet & nurturing they are. They were wonderful just on the phone! If I need additional help (trust me, I will) they can refer me on to the residential program in Sydney where we'd stay about 5 nights in their facility where I'll have professionals to help me get him used to the new sleep arrangements, etc. While I seriously wish I could handle all of this on my own, I am so grateful that they have this program in place to help families.

Yesterday Ben had one of his mega naps, like 2 1/2 hours. This always means he's going to do something new! It's hysterical but it's like clockwork - long nap then he suddenly starts rolling over, long nap then crawling, etc. I assumed he'd start trying to walk but no! It was even better my friends!! He started munching down some food - he had apple, cooked spinach (!!), olives, crackers, cheese & bites of the ricotta/parmesan/spinach pizza I made last night. And today he's been wolfing down some corn, apple sauce & a few bites of other things. Still not up to where his friends are but major strides for him & his mama couldn't be prouder!! I'm posting videos to facebook in a few minutes.

Serious contemplation of corn

He did so well I let him feed himself some applesauce. It went as well as expected.

Maybe he'd eat even more without a camera in his face. We'll never know.

So that's the excitement in my life, watching my son eat. Mind you his poop is more than keeping up with is eating habits so there is a downside. Food & paint samples are my life these days. 

We didn't do much for Easter but we did have a nice big breakfast starring some gorgeous whole wheat (!) & olive oil (!!) biscuits. Thank you, thank you & thank you to Marta who has some incredible recipes on her Yummy Veggies blog - martasrecipes.blogspot.com. I'm not a vegetarian again but we are trying to eat more healthily in our little family.

Here's a link for the biscuits. They don't end up big & fluffy like regular biscuits but they're flaky & have a really amazing flavor. And there's a majorly strong chance that it was only mine that didn't turn out fluffy! Love them & would have been better if I didn't make a crappy gravy to go along with them. martasrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/03/whole-wheat-and-olive-oil-flaky

The move is coming too quickly & too slowly at the same time. I am so eager to get in to the new place & start decorating & get Ben's birthday party set up & just settle in to our little life! But first we have to get out of here & there is nothing in life that is worse than moving. We've got several boxes packed with about a million left to go. I can't do much packing during the day because I have a little miniature crazy person who goes nuts with the boxes. He is very helpful with the packing if you consider dropping random toys in the boxes as helpful. Luckily I do consider that helpful!

Anyhoo, the plumber just left from replacing our hot water heater so now I need to clean up a bit before Marcel gets home for Family Fun Friday!!

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