06 April 2010

Seastar, Urchin, Hermit ...

I'll warn you that this will probably be a bit of a whiny blog because I'm having a blue couple of days. Well, less blue & more just having that nagging feeling that I'm a terrible mother. Yes, I hear that all mother go through this but it doesn't much help. I am tired of the sleep issues - he is still refusing to nap without being in my lap so I don't have a chance to do much during the day & stays attached to my boob(s) all night so I'm not getting good sleep either. Then he's still barely eating solids, just a few bites here & I'll be neurotic about that until he bloody eats!! His other front top tooth finally came in so he's got 6 chompers now! Must have more on the way because he is a cranky little monster these days & my patience is thin. I've played a bit of phone tag with the local family care cottage who will hopefully help me out or refer me onward to someone who can. Mama needs a little help, unfortunately.

We didn't do much for Easter but we did have a nice big breakfast starring some gorgeous whole wheat (!) & olive oil (!!) biscuits. Thank you, thank you, & thank you to Marta who has some incredible recipes on her Yummy Veggies blog - martasrecipes.blogspot.com. I'm not a vegetarian again but we are trying to eat more healthily in our little family ... well, those of us that actually eat.

Here's a link for the biscuits. They don't end up big & fluffy like regular biscuits but they're flaky & have a really amazing flavor. And there's a majorly strong chance that it was only mine that didn't turn out fluffy! Love them & would have been better if I didn't make a crappy gravy to go along with them. martasrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/03/whole-wheat-and-olive-oil-flaky

The move is coming too quickly & too slowly at the same time. I am so eager to get in to the new place & start decorating & get Ben's birthday party set up & just settle in to our little life! But first we have to get out of here & there is nothing in life that is worse than moving. We've got several boxes packed with about a million left to go. I can't do much packing during the day because I have a little miniature crazy person who goes nuts with the boxes & since he doesn't nap without me, I don't have a chance to sneak some work in.

Okay, I'm just dragging myself down by complaining so I'm going to go look at paint samples online while watching Ben play or attempt to clean the kitchen with him under my feet. Hope your day is a little brighter than mine & thanks for listening!

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