01 April 2010

Thursday night, not so late but painful

It's not even 8.30pm & we are so sleepy we can barely keep our eyes open. When I say "we" I am of course referring to Marcel & me. Ben has apparently taken some sort of solemn oath to the Full of Beans Society & refuses to settle for us. Why does he hate us? And our apartment looks like a pack of monkeys were set loose in here. And not the cute kitten-loving chimpanzees - more like those baboons that make you involuntarily shudder immediately when you see them because you know they'd just assume rip your ears off than chew on a banana or dangle adorably like their little cousins.

Happy Easter weekend by the way! So excited that Marcel has a 4 1/2 day weekend for the holiday - hopefully we'll be able to make some house decisions & start some packing. No relaxing for us, nope. We'll rest when we're dead, etc. And daylight savings ends for us this weekend so we fall back an hour, hallelujah! Of course that means it will seem like Ben is waking up an hour earlier doesn't it? How did he manage to make this season bite me in the ass?

He is working up along the octave range while Marcel is rocking him. Squirmy little crazy child sometimes likes to sing himself to sleep, which is lovely but LOUD. *sigh* I think I had things to tell you - nothing important as usual but at least something. Either it's slipped my mind or I was wrong. So I'm going to go start my 73 step process to going to bed - face washing, moisturizing face, flossing, brushing teeth, gargling, brushing hair, lotioning feet (they're dry!), taking contacts out, push-ups, dancing the pachanga for the final show at Kellerman's when I really want to do the mambo. You know, the usual stuff.

Party hard & have a fabulous Thursday or Friday depending on which side of the date line you're residing!

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