15 August 2011


So I'll be 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow & having my 32 week ultrasound (remember that my appointment was rescheduled after the ultrasound tech got sick or something last week) so eager to see the little man. Hope to goodness he's on point size-wise as my continued high risk status is because of that fear. I've been measuring right on track at my midwife appointments so I think we should be good.

I'm pretty sure he dropped today. Was walking around the grocery store & felt a new tremendous pressure in my lower pelvis & back, introducing a lovely new waddle to my walk & tiny bit of lower back pain but not too bad. It's going to be a loooong 6+ weeks if he really is tucked into place already. Hopefully shall be breathing easier at least but have already noticed an extra bathroom trip or two this afternoon & it is seriously heavy as hell down there now. Still very comfortable compared to the last pregnancy so I shouldn't complain.

Went to Chicks at the Flicks with a lovely crowd of ladies to have a high tea screening of The Help. Loved that movie - if Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer aren't both up for Oscars this year, I shall be forced to start a vicious letter-writing campaign to the Academy. We shall ignore the fact that I never got around to my other vicious letter-writing campaign when Joseph Fiennes was not nominated for Shakespeare in Love. HIS EYES DID MORE ACTING THAN EVERY NOMINEE THAT YEAR. But whatever, I'm not holding a grudge.

Anyway, enjoyed my tea & cupcake & really loved the movie. I understand the issues that a lot of people have with the story but some of my fears for it weren't really issues after all. My biggest annoyance at the concept was that it was the white girl swooping in to save the poor colored women (using that word from the movie, not something I would ever use myself) but to me it felt like Emma Stone's character was more just a vehicle for Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer & the other maids to tell their stories. I do see where people were annoyed that the most racist character was so over the top she became comical - I enjoyed her scenes but then wondered if I should have enjoyed them. But seriously a great movie, though you're going to need tissues. And it wasn't just hormonal me boo-hoo'ing so be forewarned that you're hearts going to break a few times ... unless you're a robot.

You know who's not a robot? JOSEPH FIENNES!

Anyway, one day they'll stop casting him in crappy TV shows that aren't worthy of him & he'll earn himself some awards. And with that I bid you adieu. I'm sure I'll have some updates for you tomorrow after my ultrasound as well as Ben's developmental checkup appointment, which is also in the morning. Should be interesting ...

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