25 August 2011

Ugly Face Contest

Happy Thursday folks. This should be my day of freedom while Ben is at daycare but unfortunately his daycare lady (not a teacher so not sure what do I call her?) has conjunctivitis & has to close for a few days. Yee-haw. That is the big drawback of the little family daycares - sure, there's more one on one time & less curriculum, which I consider a good thing at this age, but if she's sick or something then that's it. The organization that oversees all the local family daycares will help to find a replacement for the day but I'm not really cool with stuffing Ben in any old daycare where I don't know what the other kids are like or how old they are, etc. I'm sure they'd all be fine but I'd rather be a martyr & keep him with me - I also figure at least most of the other parents probably actually work so I wouldn't want to take up a space that might keep them from getting the help they need. I really really could have used a day off today, though.

I'm not going to lie, I've had some rough days recently. It's pretty safe to guess that it's all just hormones but my patience is barely existent anymore, my brain is scrambled & I'm discovering that it's possible that heavily pregnant women & toddler are mortal enemies not meant to coexist. Poor Ben is learning the fine art of giving me the stink eye every time I scold him, which is all the bloody time. And he's perfecting his terrible two skills such as when I tell him not to do something, he does it again & again as quickly as absolutely possible before I can get to him to scold/lecture again. I think he's finally figured out that I can't keep up with him too so there's lots of dashing away while I clutch my tailbone in pain as I waddle swiftly behind him. He's such a turd.

Fortunately he doesn't seem to hold a grudge against me. He has become enamored with the camera & after I tried to smooch him yesterday for a picture, he got caught up with the concept. He's a bit aggressive in that area, which led to some lovely shots of his mama:

Oooooh yeeeeeah. I've never seen such flattering pictures in all my life. I kind of want to blow that second one up to poster size because it might guarantee a lifetime win to the ongoing Ugly Face Contests that our family enjoys!

For some odd reason, The Hogan Family is on TV at the moment. I never watch any TV except kids shows during the day but Ben is taking a rare nap & my feet needed some lifting because they were starting to tingle. Anyway, Jason Bateman is in Sydney at the moment so I figure they're trying to kiss his ass by showing his amazing TV history. It's the one where Jason & his college friends kidnap their rival school's wolverine mascot & when they want to find out what it eats, he asks his brother to look it up in the encyclopedia. Hahahahaha! I miss encyclopedias! This is a terrible show by the way.

Ah well, on that note I should go. Need to wake the boy up before his nap goes on too long & he doesn't sleep tonight. Also need to fold a few loads of laundry. I think I'm addicted to laundry, I hate to say - I find myself thinking about it way too much. I've even chosen outfits for the day by what's waiting in the laundry basket. "Hmmmm ... I need to wash Marcel's black work shirts so I'll wear black today so I have enough to finish that load." That sort of thing. Now I'm really going before I admit even more embarrassing things.

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