01 August 2011

*sour patch kids

I know I've bored & terrified you all with tales of woe from Ben's delivery. Well, we're re-organizing everything & going through storage boxes to get baby clothes out, take stuff to charity, etc. Anyway I found my notebook from labor & delivery class with all the details about what labor will be like, what to expect, what the "rare" (my ass) complications could possibly be & all that jazz. The book of lies according to Marcel. I think I've gotten to the root of what went wrong on my glorious day. In all this massive preparation - two 8 hour classes, role playing, quizzes, questions & discussions - I wrote exactly one note in my book. What does it say, friends? I scribbled "sour patch kids" & put an asterisk beside it. That's it. I had my priorities straight - leave the damn tennis balls & massage, breathing & birth plans, just make sure I don't forget to bring candy with me to the biggest day of my life. Yes, it all makes sense now.

While I'm on the subject of ridiculousness from that day, have I mentioned the biggest disappointment of it all? I never got ice chips. When I realized this afterwards I felt immediately wronged. I am making it clear right now that even though I will not be going through labor this time (are those famous last words?), I'm still going to make a birthing plan. All it's going to say is *ICE CHIPS & I better damn well get my ice chips because I was really looking forward to them.

As you can see I have such lofty things on my brain these days. My thoughts have been so disjointed and random but I enjoy when my brain goes off on tangents - a little more enjoyable than stressing over important things, I suppose. And we're making some decent progress moving things around, throwing things out, donating what's worth it & other such things that allow me to mark things off my several thousand to-do lists in my official book of Fonzie Preparation. My hospital bag is filling up with my necessities (no sour patch kids this time ... so far) - at this rate I'm going to need one of those Louis Vuitton steamer trunks. That's right, NEED one so feel free to get me one if you have an extra one lying about.

31 weeks tomorrow, which means we are creeping towards the end of this thing. Next week we have our 32 week scan to make sure Fonzie's growing appropriately so it will be nice to see him again. He's an active little monkey these days so it's nice to always be aware of his presence - I try to make Ben watch him moving & feel the bumps but he's having none of it.

Oh goodness, I'm boring the crap out of myself now so I'm going bye bye. Off to bathe the toddler boy & pass out on the couch with the unborn boy. Have a great day!


  1. Ice chips have always sounded amazing to me too! So excited how close you are getting sweets! I can't wait to meet the new little man in your life!!! xoxox

  2. Right, if I only 6 words to Marcel between now and when you're little fella decides to join us all, it will be DON'T FORGET THE FREAKIN' ICE CHIPS! Hope you are well, can't wait to see you next weekend at The Help. Nicx