16 August 2011

clogged up

Had my 33 week scan this morning & all was well. Bambino hasn't dropped after all - noooo, even though we couldn't see his twirly moustache through the ultrasound he is up to much more dastardly things than dropping in there. Last week at my midwife appointment he was in the headfirst position all geared up for the big game but apparently yesterday when I thought he had plummeted to the next stage of getting ready, he instead was whirling himself back around so his gonzo head is back up top & his goober feet are down in my pelvis. He is also obviously taking clogging lessons in there (if you haven't witnessed "clogging," I'll include a video at the end - it's like hillbilly tap-dancing & it's fabulous) & has decided my bladder is an awesome footrest. Even the sonographer grimaced when she saw where his feet were - lovely to be able to watch the little turd kicking me in action. Ben spent the last several weeks of his womb time with his feet in my ribs, which was pure torture for me, so I will take the discomfort of pelvis clogging & bladder stomping I suppose. He still has 6 weeks to get turned back downward but I guess it doesn't really matter with a c-section anyway so he can max & relax in any old position he likes.

We also had an early childhood development appointment with Benny boy, which went really well. I really love that system over here - I get the feeling that the GPs we've gone to don't give a rat's patootie what's going on unless it's something major. This lady today was wonderful & didn't make me feel ignored or crazy or like a crappy mother, which is a bonus. She played with Ben to get ideas of how he was developing & wasn't in the least bit concerned about the fact that he doesn't want to sit down with the other kids. She's also not too concerned about his speech, which is lovely because that was the one area that made me a little nervous. She gave me the number for the system's speech pathology service, which has group classes with kids up to 3 to help get them more advanced but she didn't seem to think he had any actual issues to worry about, just not in a big hurry to get the words out.

I do think Ben is getting Marcel's cold - there is a nice constant stream of snot coming out of his nose, his left eye won't stop watering & every time we're in public he starts sneezing. Not sure why he isn't sneezing around the house but I figure he wants sympathy from strangers for being dragged around the Spotlight 2-day sale or something.

Anyway, nothing else new to report. All is well. We're all happy, almost healthy & have a million gazillion things to accomplish in the next 6 weeks. That probably means I'll be blogging more than usual to avoid doing any of that actual work. And I want to sleep all day & all night, which oddly isn't possible for some reason. Please don't point out to me that I'm going to be even more tired after Fonzie arrives - I am doing a great job of blocking that fact at the moment & assuming when the pregnancy is done I'll get over the constant sleepiness. Ahhhhh, I do love the pregnancy brain failure.

Now on to the clogging!

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