26 December 2008


In major gigantor baby news, we found out something interesting about our little one yesterday. No, we still don't know sex but we do know that little Miss or Mr Eisele is a very big Keanu Reeves fan! Yes, I know, it's very exciting. That Benjamin Button movie wasn't starting when we wanted to see a movie so we saw The Day the Earth Stood Still (I enjoyed it except for the beating us over the head with the environmental message but Marcel wasn't impressed). A little into the movie during one of Keanu's big scenes, the baby went NUTS in me - must have been absolutely flipping out in there. It was fantastic. All I can take from this is that if it's a girl, she has very good taste in handsome men who refuse to age and if it's a boy it will be a sci fi geek ... and we'll have to name him Ted Theodore Logan after Keanu's greatest role ever. Side note: in this movie Keanu plays an alien so it suits his wooden acting skills.

That's it. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas.

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