21 December 2008

Monday pre-Christmas

I am so sleepy. I slept all the way to work on the train and if I made the mistake of closing my eyes right now at my desk, I would be asleep in 30 seconds making those annoying lip noises I make when I'm falling asleep in an unnatural position (trains, planes, in the middle of working at my desk, etc). We had our office Christmas party Friday night so I got home around midnight and we had friends over for the weekend so I was very happy & had fun but apparently the baby does not care for my social life because I am suffering today. And we went on the boat yesterday for a couple of hours, which was lovely & wonderful, but my head still feels like it's on the boat! It's a flashback to that fateful week when I had vertigo a couple of years ago - it's taking my brain a few seconds to slosh around and catch up with the physical position of my head.

We looked at strollers - sorry, PRAMS as they're called here -over the weekend. I was fairly sure Marcel's head would have exploded but he survived. We are no closer to making any decisions on any baby purchases - there are too many options. Most are too precious for me to stomach, which I think is why we're focusing on a stroller first because they're a bit awesome and not pink or blue.

Stomach is developing nicely - getting round & solid. I do wish that the weight that is adding to my backside would be a little more solid and less like pudding. I have started adding more walking to my day so hopefully will keep that mess under control. Also bought some pants extenders because that day is very near, I can feel it in my waters. Now if the waters would leave my brain I would be happy.

Marcel & I are spending two blissful nights in a nice hotel in Sydney for Christmas so we can rest, recuperate and revive without looking around our apartment and thinking of all the things we need to do. I will still update you on Wednesday morning for my weekly baby progress report. I know you'll be on the edge of your seat ...

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