15 December 2008

quick notes

Oh my word, weirdest terrible pain yet. Right around my left hip bone it feels like someone is digging in to a nerve or something with their elbow. If you have a sibling, you know the pain of the evil elbow dig and that's just what I'm feeling all afternoon today. WHAT IS THAT??

I have made the big appointment, people. On January 12th I will find out whether this creature is a he-devil or she-devil. Also meeting with the midwives so it will be a baby appointment day all around. Place your bets now on what we'll be having and whether Marcel will leave my ass alone at the hospital when I start questioning the midwives on the possibility of a water birth (I love a good bath - nothing makes me feel better so my logic is starting to wander in that direction), which is totally an option at the hospital here.

Also booking my parents tickets to come over in May for the grand arrival!! I am most excited about this because I miss them so much and have my doubts that Marcel & I can make it through the pre & post birth without lots of panicking. Now if I can just convince the Eisele clan to cram into our little apartment to act as referees when my mom & I start screaming at each other. They may have the right plan of waiting a little while ...

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