07 December 2008

the soft cheese sitcheeation

One of the terrors I learned only after becoming pregnant was this hokum about not being able to eat soft cheeses. I don't think I'd really heard the phrase "soft cheeses" outside of pregnancy babble. I was crushed to discover that my some of my diet staples were no longer available to me - feta, haloumi, bocconcini, bye bye. Today I decided that it can't be possible so I did what I do when I get mad, I research. Turns out all you lying sacks of crap pregnant women who told me that I can't have soft cheese were WRONG. As long as it's not imported and made with pasteurized milk, I can eat all the soft cheese I want. The American Pregnancy Association told me so, which gives me yet another reason not to listen to the crazy pregnant ladies on the internet forums with their "You can't die your hair" & "Don't strain on the toilet or you'll get hemarrhoids AND varicose veins." I hate you women, you are evil. I celebrated by eating almost an entire little container of bocconcini (basically little mozzarella balls in their own water/brine) and now it's safe to say I never want to eat soft cheese again anyway but I still feel I have won a major victory in the war on whoever is making pregnancy such a pain in my ass.

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