28 December 2008

foto de paunch

Finally a picture of my growing gut. I advise you to ignore that seam at the top of my stomach that clearly shows you where my fat roll bends. I wonder what's in there - a boy, a girl or a litter of kittens? Still two more weeks until my next scan to find out what it is. I called a few places today to see if I could get an earlier appointment while I'm off work this week but no luck, unfortunately. Turds don't know that I have names to choose and nursery decorations to decide on - two more weeks of not knowing whether to lean pink or blue might just push my baby brain over the edge. Oh well.
I'm betting it's a boy. Everyone else seems to be having girls and you know that we have to be different. I also had a dream last night that I bumped into U2 (yes, all of them) and I was very proud of my unborn child being able to be in their presence as they walked by us (even in my dreams I'm too shy to interrupt them) so that probably means it's a boy and I'm supposed to name it after one of them. Hewson, Evan, Clayton or Mullen? Hmmmm ...

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