22 November 2009


What? Two blogs in one day? Did someone's wildest dreams just come true? Yeah.

Anyway, I've just been reading facebook updates and emails and I had to sit down and put into writing how happy I am with all the new families out there. I get so excited to see all the pictures of growing bellies, then growing babies and hearing the funny stories and exchanging ideas of how to get those growing babies to sleep and eat properly. One friend is having contractions as we speak with her second baby and it just makes me smile to think of goofy immature us back in high school, taking life skills class and carrying bags of flour around to learn about taking care of babies. Ben's better than a bag of flour ... although we did get to make cookies out of that flour at the end of the experiment. Hmmmm.

One of my favourite parts of motherhood so far is seeing Ben's little quirks and putting them together from his behaviour in the womb. For instance, remember how I always blogged about the pain in my ribs because he kept his feet perched up there ALL THE BLOODY TIME? The boy still insists on keeping his feet up on things when he's laying around - kicks off the covers so he can prop his feet up on them instead. It's really cute that it's just part of who he is and has been since the very beginning. He also can't resist wrapping himself up in things - blankets, towels, cords, anything that is able to wrap around himself he loves. This one keeps me on my toes of course and reminds me of a certain other cord he managed to get wrapped around himself that prevented him from coming down the birthing canal. So every time I organise my phone and computer cords so he can't reach them or unwind a blanket from his smiling face I find myself thinking "See, this is why I had to have an emergency c-section."

So there, if you're expecting a baby you have much to look forward to and best of luck. Enjoy every second of it! And if you're already raising your little ones please remember the very important lesson that the worst experiences usually make the best stories later.

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