04 November 2009

but I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table

Benny boy is sound asleep for his first morning nap. Such a funny little thing - he wakes up, hangs out with Marcel & me until Mar goes to work then he's ready for his first nap. Then he wakes up, plays for a little bit and is ready for his 2nd morning nap that usually goes a bit past noon. Then the afternoon he does not care to sleep, even when he is obviously tired and grumpy and cranky. Must find a way to balance his day sleeping a bit better.

Can I just say how much I love the Salvation Army by the way (who needs a segue between subjects, right?)! I have been looking for a small cool table to go by the giant Catnapper rocking chair in Ben's nursery - no luck ANYWHERE from cheap to very expensive because it has to be tiny but tall enough to reach and just big enough to hold a drink and some crap. I've also desperately needed a necklace hanger thing but couldn't find one for under $60 anywhere and some of those expensive ones were hideous. And exactly who is paying $60 for a necklace stand? Okay, there was a tree one that was stunning and I went back to shell out my $60 for it but it was already gone. Anyhoo, I finally get around to checking out Salvation Army yesterday and one of the first things I bump into is a perfect little necklace hanger and the very last thing I see in the shop is the perfect table. Table was $30 and the necklace stand didn't have a price so the dude just let me have it for a $1 AND he carried it to the car for me. Yes, it's tiny and light but I was pushing Ben in the pram and I only have so many hands people!

My plan for a thrift shop table was to paint it a bright turquoise to match Ben's decor and to finally let me copy all those creative baby blogs I read. But once I got my new little table into the room it kind of matches perfectly just the way it is - same dark brown as the crib, dresser, etc. It has such a lovely shape it's fine the way it is or it could be stunning in turquoise. What do you think?

I will not be posting a picture of the necklace stand because it really looks like something you would buy at Salvation Army for $1. Marcel's take on it was "Oh no, what the hell is that?" so it will just quietly do its job in my cabinet when I eventually make room for it. And let's face it, if that little boutique stocks more fancy necklace trees I'll be quickly shilling out $60 for one of those instead.

Oh, Ben pooped pretty normally yesterday. If you've suffered through my facebook updates you'll be aware that the boy was on a once every 8 or 9 days schedule, which was not good. We're talking about having to clean up Mount Vespoopius and I wouldn't get the smell out of my nose for hours. But he's pooped twice this week (please don't let me forget to add it to the calendar so when I mention it to his doctor at his checkup next week I remember how often he's gone) so I'm a happy camper. It still stinks and his gas can clear out a room but I'm hoping that will stop if he gets back to his regular old self. Also hoping he'll be less grouchy too if his tummy isn't backlogging his greatest hits for ages.

Alright, I'm off to watch him sleep for a second then refill my glass of water. I'm trying to pull myself together now that I don't have visitors or travelling to blame for holding on to my baby weight. It's apparently been my fault all along - grrrrr. Also have to go blob more cream on my lip because I either have the very beginnings of a cold sore or an ingrown hair from the weekend's waxing. What lady doesn't love wondering whether she's got the herpes virus or just a side affect of moustache grooming? Ahhhh, I'm glad no one reads this blog.


  1. Don't forget to add "Ben pooped twice this week" to your calendar... Ilse

  2. Thank you! He actually pooped twice today so my calendar is filling up ... with poop.