22 November 2009

Not so manic Monday

Let me tell you about my favourite time of the day in our household. When we wake up, it's usually me first then Ben shortly after me. He usually stirs, rolls over for a quick feed then his eyes pop open. Sometimes he smiles at me, sometimes he doesn't but we have enough bonding time that I'm not threatened. Then he immediately rolls over to Marcel's side of the bed and reeeeeaches to pet him. It is the sweetest thing - he just wants to grab Daddy's arm or pull an ear or stroke his chest hair gently. I'm sure Marcel would appreciate a few more minutes of sleep but I can't imagine there's a more beautiful way to wake up than having little Benny getting a hold of him.

Feeding him solids is going okay. Just okay. Still doesn't enjoy it in the least and makes the most dramatic faces known to man. I thought adding banana to the rice cereal would help but I was wrong. We got him a high chair from IKEA on Friday and that has been a tremendous success, he actually sits up in it really well and loves banging on it. We used a little tricky psychology on him yesterday, giving him the spoon to feed himself as much as he wanted - he actually got some food in his own mouth, shockingly, then let me feed him more than usual. Interesting, I guess when you trust him he gives you a little back.

We're taking bets on when Ben will start crawling. He's getting up on his hands and knees and rocking a lot now so I think we've got a week or two at the most but I have not based that on anything so I'm probably way off. He's a strong little sucker and I'm a little scared of having to keep up with him once he gets moving. Rolling has been hard enough but at least a pillow fortress can hold him in now. How the hell am I going to shower when he's a crawler? Our pipes make the most awful noise you'll ever hear when we turn the shower on so I can't really use it while he naps. Must call the management company again to get someone to look at it.

He's not such a happy boy today even after a nap so I better go entertain him before my head explodes from the whiny noises. After a weekend of extremely high temperatures, it's downright pleasant today so we'll be back on track for walking!

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