26 November 2009

Cornucopia of awesome

I've got a little bit more to be thankful for this year than in year's past, wouldn't you say? On top of the old standbys of health, happiness and a beautiful view I can add a certain little chubber wubber to my reasons to give thanks.

Thanksgiving is by far my favourite holiday and the time of year I miss my giant family clan the most because they can give thanks like no one else! The excess of food, laughter, making fun of each other, arguing over games and my dad telling us to shut up so they can hear the game. Ahhhhh, it makes the heart happy.

Luckily we've roped friends into coming over with their gorgeous daughter (one of Ben's possible future partners) so I'm excited and we're stocking up and starting to get everything ready. We intend to stuff ourselves silly and I can't wait. I may have to move my walking up to an hour every day next week to recover because I am going to do this holiday as it was intended.

Anyway, back to the gracious stuff. While I miss my family (Moore & Eiselse) every single day I am incredibly grateful that we live in the age of mobile phones, email, Facebook and Skype so I can stay in touch and they can watch they're growing grandson live and on screen. I am thankful that we are currently stable in a time that doesn't guarantee stability. I am thankful for my joyful friends with their growing bellies, babies, businesses, etc - I delight in every bit of it along with them.

But most of all I am thankful for the two gentlemen that make my heart fuller than my belly could ever be, even after the Thanksgiving feast:

I love them so much, even when they're hogging the bed. I love you too by the way and hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving surrounded by friends, family and food or in your pj's with the TV avoiding friends, family & food!

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