11 November 2009

no poop fit to scoop

Oh so much joy in life today - supposed to be a scorcher outside but the sea breeze is so strong and cool that I actually have a sweater on in my apartment. I have also discovered the joy of jibjab (apologies again because I will be making many obnoxious videos) and here's one to share of my boy & me:

Nothing too new to report. Didn't walk today because of my fear of the weather and the boy is having a weird sleep day. (Sidenote: did my font just change? Odd.) Normally Ben has two good naps in the morning, about an hour each, but today he had one morning nap of about 30 minutes and it was in my lap because he refused to sleep while being rocked and any of the normal routine. He went down for a good hour and 1/2 this afternoon instead. I know this is less than fascinating for you but it's like gorilla research for me! Just trying to figure out what makes this little mammal tick. He's so freaking cute so that makes help it more interesting as well.

Hmmmmm ... nothing else going on actually so no need to blog. Didn't start him on solids after all because Marcel wants to be there for it as you can imagine. We'll video it so you can be there for the excitement too, of course. Aaahhhhhh, nope nothing else. So just have a happy day and here's your Thursday Benjamin:

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